0-Cost Cloud For IoT, Web, Enterprise, dApps


Start: 2018-02-18 | End: 2018-02-16

Ochain is an absolutely free of cost cloud with sub-second finality, and supports multiple chains specific to an application, location or vertical. It's a 0-Cost cloud for IOT, WEB, Enterprise APPS. It allows users and organizations to move their off-chain (code, data) to 0chain's blockchain for free compute and storage.


Saswata Basu

Thomas Austin

S Kombai


Kenny Wasela


Nikhaar Shah


Atif Yaqub

Gautam Gupta



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ICO Milestones

December 2021

AI Compute Chain

December 2020

Anonymity Chain

July 2020

Bank-Grade Chain

July 2019

Smart Contract Language, Libraries, Tools

October 2018

Release mainnet

August 2018

Governance protocol Network defense protocol

July 2018

Interchain protocol

May 2018

Concurrent threads Miner Infrastructure template

April 2018

Data+Code chains Self-forking protocol

March 2018

Shard/Blob 3x2x3 set Storage protocol

February 2018

Miner 3x2x3 set Miner protocol

December 2017

Protocol Design, Whitepaper completed