Decentralize Manufacturing

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Start: 2019-01-01 | End: 2019-05-30

3D-Chain is an open-source protocol based on collections of smart contracts which aims to become the key ecosystem for manufacturers, designers and customers. It provides a coordinated decentralized network based on 3D Printing technology and will expand to other manufacturing environments. Within this framework, the benefits of manufacturing and 3D Printing become a global common infrastructure for all. Anyone can access the network, become a stakeholder in its development, add a fabrication technology (e.g. 3D Printer) to 3D-Chain’s ecosystem, add a new design or customize existing one, and receive network payment tokens in exchange Large or small, no manufactures has enough power to produce customer needs on time. Using a decentralized market will empower customers with distributing their products automatically throughout the whole network and reduce the waiting time. Removing middleman from 3D Printing environment will reduce the cost of products and make direct/transparent communication. The decline in global cost makes the use of this technology easier for companies and individuals. 3D-Chain facilitates the mass customization and opens door to unlimited possibilities. Accessibility to different material and different 3D Printing and automated fabrication technologies provide the opportunity to create complex products with much higher quality


Mehdi Korjani


Babak Zareiyan


Elena Ramezani

Full-stack web developer


Dylan Pieter

The concept of this platform is good and connecting all the related parties on one platform is really good. The structure of this business looks very good and disciplined. 3D chain does offer some really good features along with efficiency. The website is a little complex and there is so much data in it, and it should make less complex and easier to get the data. So yes this could possibly be a much-hit business in the future. The whitepaper is okay. It is a very short team but experienced, should add more quality human resource into their business and grow the business as they wanted to.

Rated on 2018-09-27

ICO Milestones


Develop the Platform; Global Market Growth; New Technologies.


Debug the Platform; Scale the System; Market Fabrication Technologies.

Q4 2018

Lunch the First Service; Market Designers; Market 3D Printing Industry.

Q3 2018

Implement the Blockhain; Finalize the Platform; Implement Support System.

Q1-Q2 2018

Release White Paper; Pre-ICO and ICO; Preparing Infrastructure.


Form a Development Team; Develop a Prototype; Blockchain Technology in Supply.


3D Printing in Different Scales; 3D Printing in Platform; Present in 3D Printing Conferences.


3D Printing and its Applications; 3D Printing Material; 3D Printing Technology.