Decentralized Blockchain Platform


Start: 2018-08-21 | End: 2018-11-15

Agate is the world's most comprehensive decentralized blockchain platform for instant payment without volatility risk to mainstream crypto adoption. Currently, there are other applications and individual blockchains that are running to facilitate cryptocurrency payments, but there is still not a comprehensive protocol or platform to resolve the key problem in crypto economy. Agate-Chain is a decentralised blockchain, with two mobile apps:
1. A fiat pegged ecosystem, an API Suite, plug-ins, add-ons 2. And a physical POS terminal and operating with multi-coin mechanism, which also works as a comprehensive crypto infrastructure for everyday banking and gateway to connect millions of developers, users, in-store and online merchants to crypto economy. The product consists of several modules and objects, all fueled by ERC-20 based AGT token that has over ten sustainable utilisation and revenue streams. Most importantly, most of Agate’s modules are already built with a Beta version, these will be completed shortly after ICO.


Ali Dorri


Ali Asgher

Business Ananlyst

Jaemie Dela Pena

Product Design Lead

Navkiran Kaur

Business Ananlyst

Odette Abrenica

UI/UX Designer

Naz Shams

Project Manager

Kalith Ahamed

Technical Lead

Nitin Sabherwal (Nathan Sabherwal)

Investors Relations Manager

Anand Chellanadar

Director of Software Development Team in India

Meysam Naseri

Software Architect

Ariya Chittasy


Ashkan Tashvir


Steve Nouri

AI Lead

Ehsan Jadandarpour


Hamid Ostad


Hamed Taghvaei

Co-Founder & CEO

Ehsan Fallahi


Gita Gitli


Nikzad B. Rizvandi


Zachary Reece


Samaneh Movassaghi


Brenton Smith



Albert Thomas

AGATE is also known as the PayPal of cryptocurrency by hundreds and thousands of strong community members. It is a platform used for instant payment of the cryptocurrency without the risk of volatility and yes, like others it uses blockchain technologies. AGATE has two mobile applications and a fiat pegged ecosystem, API suite, plug-ins, add-ons and a physical POS terminal operating with multi coin mechanism. AGATE has solutions to various issues that exist in market, for instance it provides several solutions to the issues of the crypto-economy, user-facing problems and merchant-facing problems. They have different products to be launched, such as AGATE Blockchain, Ifiat Ecosystem, Mobile App for users, Mobile App for merchants, Physical POS Terminal, Payment Gateway API, Plugins/APP for E-commerce and API suite. With so many features and products the success for AGATE is more likely to happen in a short period of time. The development of AGATE is taking off rapidly, which is good for future growth of it. The minimum contribution rate is very reasonable and might result in attracting more users. AGATE has a very comprehensive team and consists of one of the most experienced and highly competitive members that can do wonders in the market.

Rated on 2018-09-04

ICO Milestones

February 2017

Idea realization and market research.

March 2017

$480,000 first round investment by BID Group.

April 2017

Architecture design and Whitepaper

November 2017

Starting MVP development.

December 2017

Mobile App alpha version. $1,000,000 private investor.

January 2018

Agate Blockchain Test-net live.

March 2018

App Beta version released.

May 2018

White listing & Private invest EOI.

August 2018 - November 2018

ICO (Pre-Sale & Public Sale).

Q1 2019

Agate Blockchain Main-Net.

Q2 2019

Agate blockchain Smart Contract. DEvelop Plugins/app for WooCommerce.

Q3 2019

Multi Currency & Multi language.

Q4 2019

Agate Banking Licence.