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Start: 2018-12-01 | End: 2019-03-01

AMOS is a Blockchain platform based on Ethereum which will establish a number of smart gyms around the world. Through the cooperation with Strength Master Group, AMOS will apply many years of experience in R&D to equipment building needed for the smart gym. Besides, it will introduce identification related to AI and big data to analyze the habits of users using fitness equipment. AMOS calculates the calories burned by the user with smart sports watch and motivates the user to exercise through token feedback. Moreover, the smart sports watch records the health and sports condition of the user. The recorded information can be analyzed on AMOS app. AMOS has developed a sport-related crowdfunding platform on which people can pay through ERC-20 AMOS token. Users can conduct some crowdfunding activities on this platform, such as donations for sports charity, sponsoring sports players from the distant area, crowdfunding for game funds for players, crowdfunding for new sport concept goods, fundraising for some large-scale outdoor activities, or purchasing some professional sports courses with tokens.


Michelle Wang


Phil Scotti


Wadi Rahim


Matteo Stefanini


Sophia Chang

Speaker/Community Manager

Jackie Wu


Kevin Kuo



Alex Adrian

For this specific industry, it is a very good platform and the services that it will provide will be very effective from the user’s point of view. It has a number of different products which means that there will be different stakeholders involved and also, they can target different sets of markets. The features or products that it has designed are really nice for the specific market and it will be very successful, there are no other platforms which offer something like this one, so it surely has an edge in the market. The business and incentive models are really well-designed and quite interesting ones. The team is very balanced, it has both the young and experienced human force.

Rated on 2018-12-14

ICO Milestones

2019 / Q3

Demostration of Smart Gym.

2019 / Q2

Release of a variety of sport rewards of fitness equipment.

2019 / Q2

Launch of Sport area crowdfunding application platform.

2019 / Q1

Launch of Sport blockchain.

2019 / Q1

Kinetic Space Conference; The first demostration of smart sport watch prototype.

2018 / Q4

Successively launched on various exchanges and product release.

2018 / Q3

Launch of AMOS project fundraising, and cooperation with Strong Master Group to develop kinetic energy space promotion plan and smart sport watch development.

2018 / Q3

ICO Startup Fund Note; ICO launch of official website.

2018 / Q2

ICO core members recruitment; ICO Planning and Preparation.