Augmented Reality Coins United System


Start: 2018-11-01 | End: 2019-03-01

Arcus is a project to combine crypto world and augmented reality. The main idea is to place coins in containers containing some top-end crypto-currencies (BTC, ETH, LTC, Zcash and Waves). Players just need to find and take these coins! The whole process will take place in a game form. Containers are objects visible only with the help of a special application located on the streets of the city, in parks, squares, etc. The application will allow finding the container and opening it. To do this, the application will run in two modes. The first mode is the Radar, which will inform about a nearby a container within a certain radius of the player. The second mode is the Capture that allows seeing the container and using Augmented Reality (AR) technology. This platform will be using the Ethereum blockchain. Once the player finds the container and makes the capture, the coin in the container enters the internal wallet, after which it can be withdrawn to an external wallet or crypto exchange. To implement the project, it has created an ERC-20 token (Arcus), which will also be used inside the system to buy game benefits, such as increasing the radar radius. In addition, the coin will be used by advertisers and project sponsors who will place their information in containers.


Lev Eidinov


Ilghizar Rakhmatullin


Oleg Rakhimov


Evgenia Surkova



Alex Adrian

It looks like an interesting concept but not sure will this be effectively executed or not or whether the users will come towards it or not. It has a young team and it is a very small team, for the better performance they will need to add more quality team members. The pricing done is fair enough. The roadmap looks very interesting and very clear. It has a very well written whitepaper, all the components are well explained and nicely written.

Rated on 2018-10-12

ICO Milestones

Q2 2019

Creation of player ratings. The ability to create clans. Attracting sponsors for tournaments.

Q1 2019

Integration of user’s game progress in the application. Creation of Boss-type objects for the team game. Sales of additional services to users. Creation of an international token sales team. Expansion in other countries.

Q4 2018

Release of Beta-version of the application. Start selling tokens to advertisers. Launch of the Bounty campaign. Launch of the main Token sale stage. Allocation of funds, creation of a working version. Involving managers to sale services to advertisers in Russia.

Q3 2018

ARCUS coin AirDrop. Release of Alpha-version.

Q2 2018

Start of the preliminary Token sale stage. Launch of an advertising campaign. Creation of a prototype of the advertiser Web Service.

Q1 2018

Issue and placement of the ARCUS coin. Placement of information on specialized resources.

Q4 2017

Creation of a prototype application. Solution of the main technical issues.