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Start: 2019-02-23 | End: 2019-02-28

B21 is an app which claims to overpower all other existing apps that are operating in the market right now. B21 focuses its services on crypto assets, asset class and it aims to help millions of people that are focusing on increasing their wealth. The options that are available to the customers in crypto assets are very limited and very technical. Most of the customers have no idea how to operate them and utilize their functions. B21 aims to make a very simple and user-friendly interface with fewer technicalities and which is very easy to use. It provides all the crypto assets at one place and a customer can trade any cryptocurrency they want. The platform that B21 offers enables customers to manage their own personal portfolio as well. B21 will also suggest different crypto assets to users based on the previous trends and will enable the users to make a decision based on the data provided by the app. You will start with BTC, ETH, EOS, LTC and BCH. The app will be available on IOS and Android.



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ICO Milestones

And Beyond.

Expansion in USA US license and partnerships Launch funds and other regulated activities Additional licensing as required for expanded services

Q4 2018

Develop Education and Training Global Expansion (Asia & South America)

September 2018

Public launch B21 community building

August 2018

Closed alpha testing More platform testing with increased users Expected license grant from Gibraltar DLT B21 community building

July 2018

Marketing Roadshow Launch of Training and Education app: B21Life Backend integrations with exchanges and PSP's Develop knowledge and training content Gibraltar regulator face to face Q/A Apply for IFE license in Puerto Rico

June 2018

Marketing roadshow (Private Sale) Finalize the UI/UX for mobile application Training and Education App Beta: B21Life Finalize agreements with exchanges B21 community building

May 2018

Marketing roadshow (Private Sale) Add additional strategic advisors File complete DLT license application in Gibraltar Process preliminary application for IFE in Puerto Rico B21 community building

April 2008

Hire engineering team to start development of platform Build training and education mobile App Strategic advisors contracted Token economics and legal opinion Start building B21 community

Q1 2018

Close Seed Financing Initiate application process for DLT license in Gibraltar File preliminary DLT license application in Gibraltar

Q4 2017

Company Formation Evaluation of Business Concept Market Research