Skill-sharing platform


Start: 2018-08-25 | End: 2019-01-01

Beepnow is a skill sharing platform based on the Ethereum based blockchain technology and issues ERC-20 Token (BEEPNOW). It is a service that allows people around the world share their own skills and knowledge with you. Users can reach and join the people close to them through their smartphones. It is a platform for people to help each other and fulfil mutual needs. Beepnow is a skill-sharing platform that connects “job seeker” and “job offerer” together and allows them to execute everything, from offering a job to payment, from your smartphone. It is a platform listing a wide variety of services from professionals like doctors, accountants, lawyers, too many other types of services like housekeeping, luggage re-delivery, tutoring, and many more. With beep now, users can easily request work and generate income. There is no cash exchange either online or in-person and their safety is ensured. Everything from request to settlement is done on a smartphone within its application. It has several features like Identity Verification Ensuring Reliability, Select Incoming Currency, Receiving Rewards, Messaging System, Calendar, GPS Search Function, Multiple Categories, One Click Order and Reviews.


Nien-Tsao Tsai (Alex Tsai)


Aliaksandr Navaseltsau

Marketing Strategist\TM

Naoki S Martinez

Sales & Accounting

Nguyen T Hoang

Sales & Accounting

Masami Michitsuna

SMM and Community Management

Gitta Ayu Putri

Graphic Designer

Edmond Lohanata

Project Manager

Paul Brel

External PR Counselor

Helene Berkowitz

Content Writer/Proofreader

Adil Haris Ibrahim

Blockchain Consultant

Dr Mahmood Al‒Imam, P.Eng, PhD

Data Scientist

Audrey Tan Hui Li

Quality Assurance Specialist

Aries Camitan

Quality Assurance Specialist

Shervin Aghdaei

Security Analyst

Sandeep Kumar Kewlani

Full Stack Developer

Paul Ugwu Agada

Project Strategist

Syazana Izzati Faridon

unior UI/UX Designer

Chan Zhi Yan

UI/UX Designer

Mie Kurosaka

Ex-Executive Officer of Rakuten Inc.

Sho Matsuda


Satoshi Sekine

Riken AIP Team Leader


Liam Elias

The idea is good and the market is good because there is a huge demand for this kind of business globally. The service that this platform is going to provide will be very effective for all kind of persons all over the world.Generating income through this platform looks very easy and real. So many different users will come towards this platform for this kind of service. The website is very good also they have an application which is a plus point and it will make a difference. There is a huge market for this kind of platform, if this platform executes effectively what they want to will guarantee its success. So many brilliant features what Beepnow offers. The team is young but looks very competent and exciting.

Rated on 2018-09-24

ICO Milestones


Lending update We will implement beepnow token lending mechanism to our platform. beepers will be able to lend beepnow tokens that they've accumulated by the time of this update.


Financial Update We will implement the exchange function to beepnow platform. All users will be able to participate in cryptocurrency exchange.

Dec. 2018

Official release We will release it as a skill sharing platform with blockchain technology implemented. beepnow wallet will also be available.

Aug. 2018

ICO scheduled.

Jul. 2018

Blockchain development complete.

May. 2018

Beta version release. We will launch our service as a skill-sharing platform.

Dec. 2017

ICO, user dashboard offer. We will start offering dashboard to those who went through member registration. We will be sending signup links for “ICO user dashboard” to your registered email account. You will be able to check the number of coins you bought, the people you invited, and amount of commission you earned through invitation. An invitation code link to ICO will be issued as well.

Sep. 2017

ICO, user preregistration started.

Mar. 2017

App development started.

Feb. 2017

Designing started.

Nov. 2016

Project started.