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Start: 2019-01-01 | End: 2020-01-31

Bitcademy is a multidimensional platform which works on the blockchain technology based on Ethereum. It combines brick and mortar foundation and the virtual world. Bitcademy is a chain of football academies helping and empowering young players to achieve their dreams. It creates and uses new technologies, artificial intelligence and player predictions to make sure it has the best talent. Finally, we use a marketplace powered by the blockchain to ensure fans participate in the game and create their future stars. It issues an ERC-20 token (BTMG). Football fans wish they had the ability to directly influence the development of young prospects into superstar players – benefitting from the emotional reward of unlocking human potential and the financial reward of supporting a star footballer. Fortunately, these dreams have become a reality with Bitcademy. With Bitcademy, users can influence the development of world-class football players and take part in a revolution. Select and fund young football players in underdeveloped countries, based on the most advanced skill measurement tools, Artificial Intelligence and user’s own intuition and knowledge of the game. You can share in your prospect’s football success as they progress in Bitcademy and onward to the professional world of football.


Tomasz Krzystek


Firas Ayub


Adnan Manzoor

Business Development Officer

Paul Loiacono


Michal Antoniszyn

Marketing Strategist

Kelvin Ndereba

Blockchain Developer

Salman Shaukat

AI Specialist

James Darley

Sports Scientist

Kamil Kukulka

Sports Business Adviser

Konrad Cichosz

Sports Media & Sponsorship

Kamil Grajda

Graphics & UX designer

Michal Paraschidis

Blockchain Adviser

Wojciech Motylski


Marcin Husarz

Project Leader & Designer

Marek Dragosz

Football Expert Africa

Marta Szmidt-Husarz



Amelia Benjamin

The industry overall does not have much potential in it, this platform has nothing significant to offer to the investors, there is literally nothing very attractive for the investors to invest in this project, from social and sports point of view it is a very good project. The profit model is not very a unique one or attractive one for the investors, plus there is not any certainty of the revenue generation, which is why this project is so weak at this point. The token distribution model is a fair one. Also, the pricing and the estimated supply is reasonably done. It has a very balanced team, it includes both young and experienced members.

Rated on 2018-11-02

ICO Milestones


New facilities built. Global expansion secured. Exponential profit from transfers, marketplace and big data.

Q4 2021

Business model expansion. Start building new facilities.

Q3 2021

Continous improvement of facilities & new talent aquisition.

Q1 2021

School academies finished. Move from rental to new facilities Revenue stream from big data, marketplace and contracts.


Networking. Players exposure.

Q2 2019

Run portal & school operations Create big data algorithms. Player monitoring & predictions Start building new academies in Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe during current rental operations.

Q1 2019

ICO Generate player assesment algorithm Create marketplace for investment and trading Rent the football grounds Enrol first students Secure land to build football academies in 3 countries.

Q4 2018

Pre-sale ICO

June 2018

Whitepaper release.