Blackbox Business Operating System


Start: 2019-01-15 | End: 2019-02-15

Blackbox is a group of PhDs, executives, and technologists joining forces to create the future of work - decentralized. Blackbox Token is used to manage people, teams, and projects as a distributed business operating system. Blackbox’s Deliverable Value Points (DVP) Proposal protocol is not influenced by socioeconomic factors resulting in a platform that is free of fees, politics, and other traditional organizational bloat. The protocol disincentives malicious actors and rewards those pursuing the common good. Blackbox is a business operating system to manage distributed companies, teams and projects on the blockchain. It is built upon the blockchain technology based on Ethereum and issues the ERC-20 token (BBOS). It is a DApp that serves internal contributors, member organizations and token holders are also known collectively as the black box network. It is a decentralized platform to manage the future of work. A more efficient and meritocratic form of “work” built on the blockchain that empowers next generation workers & increases human value.


Suneil Mishra

Corp Development Advisor

Cassandra Harris

Advisor / Partner

Leland Lee

Venture / Blockchain Advisor

Zarina Korolova

Swiss ICO Advisor

Yev Muchnik

Legal Advisor

Jason J Sosa


Benjamin Stewart


Bob Goodman

Board Member

Shahid Chishty


Matthew Knapp


Roland Schmidt

Solution Architect

Jay W Swartz

Chief Scientist

Oliver Zeller

Creative Direction

Tania Azar


Jessica Joines

Consciousness Economy

Sangam Sangameswara

IoT/Deep Learning/Strategy

DK Jackson

Corporate Development

Leo Morejon

Client Strategy

Chris Mindenhall

Evangelist / Sales

Dilip Malave

Strategy & Ops

Evan Luza



David Malan

The first look of this project looks very good and the ideas and concepts used in its business model are really interesting. Bringing AI type of technologies into this industry is really effective and if executed properly can do wonders. They have employees from one of the strongest and giant companies of the world. The team is very strong and had several members who have plenty of relevant experience and are also very specialized. Also, it has a very comprehensive team of experienced members. Overall it is a very strong team. The Advisory Board is not bad as well. The concepts and models designed for this platform are really nice and interesting and can work really well in the market.

Rated on 2018-11-16

ICO Milestones

October - Dec, 2018

Module Marketplace.

September - Dec 2018

Partnership announcements.

June - Dec, 2018

Private Alpha. Blackbox Network.Goes Live.

July - August 2018


June - August 2018

Req Specifications.

August 2018

Pre Sale#2.

June 2018

Pre Sale#1.