Block Sports

Decentralized Sports Betting Exchange


Start: 2018-09-01 | End: 2018-10-01

BlockSports is a decentralized sports betting exchange where the users can bet against each other on the results of different sports events. It operates on the NEO blockchain platform and issues BSX Tokens. It also enables secure cryptocurrency betting where escrow and processing are handled on-chain, giving users true control of their funds. There is no such requirement of creating an account on Blocksports, users can directly bet without any sign-up; they just need to make a wallet with NeoGas. The “Private Bets” option allows users to bet head to head directly with friends, enabling them to formalize real life bets on the Neo blockchain. User fees are much lower than most traditional sports betting platforms with a flat 2% fee on all winnings. Fees paid on winnings are proportionally distributed to BSX token holders, giving them a share in dividends and tying up token value to commercial success. Consensus on real world outcomes is met using a decentralized oracle network, allowing users to place bets on data they can trust. Block Sports is a bot friendly platform, providing an open door to developers wishing to operate sports betting or arbitrage bots on the exchange.


Tsering Redmond

Co-founder & Product & Marketing

Mirren King-Smith

Co-founder & Development

Sergej Stojanovski

Co-founder & Finance & Operations

Jordan Overbye


Alex Norman

Security & Infrastructure


Dirck Issac

Tokenizing the betting industry might be a good idea. It can grow and can develop a huge market for this kind of business. The betting industry has a lot of potential because there are so many people who invest in betting on different sporting events. Its concept is somewhat similar to that of exchange. The website of this platform is good and easy to use. There are some good features for the users which make things easier for the users. The developers of this platform have done a good job. The timeline on which they have worked is good enough. The team members are young, exciting and talented.

Rated on 2018-09-18

ICO Milestones

Q3 2019

Full Exchange Release

Q2 2019

Exchange Beta

Q1 2019

TestNet Beta & Oracles

Q3 2018

Token Sale & Hiring

Q2 2018

Functional Exchange Demo

Q1 2018

Smart Contract Prototypes