Blockchain Ecosystem For Real-Estate Industry


Start: 2018-10-18 | End: 2018-11-30

BrikBit is the first Ethereum blockchain-based ecosystem that develops and manages entire operations for the Real Estate industry. Within the BrikBit ecosystem, all stakeholders involved in the Real Estate projects will be able to use the potentiality of blockchain technology to automate, dis-intermediate and make more transparent both typical and implicit processes during all steps of a real estate enterprise such as fund collection, design, creation and management. It issues the ERC-20 tokens (BRIK). Brikbit’s team is made up of professionals, blockchain experts and architects with a long experience in real estate projects at international level. It has decided to join forces to launch an ecosystem that will revolutionize the sector, always in need of new technologies to go beyond borders and support each player involved in an innovative way. Through this ecosystem, BrikBit wants to solve the problem of the correctness of real estate data also solve the problem of illiquidity of the value of RE properties. To solve the problem of fundraising and easy access to RE developments bring transparency to the oldest and most effective industrial sector. This ecosystem will be the real financial Revolution of Real Estate.


Alex Dell’Orto

Founder and CTO

Paolo Lettieri

CEO and Co-founder

Stefano Prosdocimo

Security Manager and Co-Founder

Giovanni Spica

Marketing Manager

Vania Von Gemusegarten

Chief Community Manager

Federico Riva

Web Designer and Art Director

Claudio Villani

Video & Social Media

Raffaele dell'Orto

Internal Legal

Flavia Ferrini

Graphic Assistant

Amal Mounir

Community Manager Assistant

Julia Aksenova

Community Manager

Andrea Concari


Richard Zoni


Thomas Contin

Legal Advisor

Marco Sala

Legal Advisor


David Malan

It looks a good project, there are too many real estate-related projects, but projects that give the authority to develop Dapps and provide block chains are rare. The pricing is also realistic. The features look good and effective and also it can appeal to so many users. The idea of sharing the renovation cost sound really great and I hope it works in the exact manner they wanted to. It has a really comprehensive roadmap and looks really great. It has a very competent team, looks amazing and we can expect fresh ideas and innovations from them in future.

Rated on 2018-10-11

ICO Milestones


1st REDA City Project

Q4 - 2020

1st REDA Pilot project - Construction

Q3 - 2020

1st REDA Pilot project - Architectural design

Q3 - 2020

Alpha version of BrikBit trading platform

Q4 - 2019

Kick off BrikBit platform REDA main sidechain

Q3 - 2019

Main net blockchain BrikBit - Swap token ERC20 to BRIK (DPoS)

Q2 - 2019

Set Up Test Blockchain DPOS

Q4 - 2018

Beta version of BrikBit Social Professional Network

Q4 - 2018


Q3 - 2018

Alpha version of BrikBit Social Professional Network

Q2 - 2018

Private Sale

Q1 - 2018

BrikBit Digital Shares Company Foundation


Start developing Idea, Project draft of Brik Shares