Decentralized Development Automation Platform


Start: 2018-09-01 | End: 2018-10-31

Buddy is a decentralized development automation platform, it puts application development on autopilot and makes building apps scalable, creating a decentralized DevOps Marketplace and Automation GRID that challenges how today’s developers build, test & deploy their apps. Buddy’s vision is to become the backbone on which talented people can build world-altering apps & services. Its goal is to take the load off millions of developers by offloading everything that can be automated – giving them back their time for being creative. Buddy is a marketplace partner with the giants of the market such as Amazon web services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Github and Docker Store. It is trusted by some major customers such as Inc. Magazine, CGI, Docplanner, Flow, Anki and many others. This platform uses the technology known as Ethereum based blockchain and issues the ERC-20 Token (BUD). Some of the significant solutions of Buddy are Automation pipelines, Sandboxes and Integrations. Buddy puts openness at its core with open-source goals, community-curated marketplaces and vote-based roadmaps. Developers, Experts and Users all connected by the platform in a joint mission to take the load off developers by offloading everything that can be automated. Strong token utility embedded into the platform with more than 15 strong token use cases for developers, experts and everyday platform users.


Simon Szczepankowski

CEO, Product Manager & Co-Founder

Raphael Sztwiorok

CTO, Project Manager & Co-Founder

Thomas Korwin-Gajkowski

Blockchain Solution Architect

Martin Kudla

Software Architect & Co-Founder

Michael Hankus

Test Engineer and Technical Support Specialist

Thomas Prus

Blockchain Solution Architect

Alexander Kus

Chief Growth Officer

Paul Olek

Head of UX/UI & Co-Founder

Lucas Czulak

Data Analyst

Bart Piela

Front-End Developer

Paul Kapala

Senior Full Stack Web Developer

Darek Sztwiorok

JAVA Developer

Chris Stryczek

Head of Test Engineering

Michael Bigos

Test Engineer and Technical Support Specialist

Octavia Nowakowska

Head of Customer Suppport

Patrick Trojanowski

Customer Support Specialist

Ilya Anikin

Business Strategy


Alex Adrian

The idea of this platform is really good and it will be very effective. The global market of the developers and designers is a huge market and provision of some kind of service to them is indeed a wise decision. The platform is really good, it is partnered with so many giants of the industry. Also, they have an interesting list of customers. It is providing solutions to very important issues in this industry, making things effective and efficient. The good thing about it is that it is already acknowledged by so many developers and other clients globally. One thing is for sure there is a huge market for the application development and managing software. The website is really good, well-managed and well-designed. All the relevant information is available over it in an interesting and appealing way. So, Buddy has a good set of features and solutions which they offer. The roadmap is also impressive. The team looks great and it must be a strong team and capable of doing so much.

Rated on 2018-10-03

ICO Milestones

Q4 2019

Shared Automation GRID

Q3 2019

DAppOS & Sandbox Template Universe

Q2 2019

Distributed Blockchain-as-a-Service Experts Services on the DevOps Marketplace

Q1 2019

Private Automation GRID The DevOps Marketplace

Q4 2018


Q3 2018


Q4 2017

Proof-of-concept of BlockchainOps using Buddy automation pipelines

Q1 2017

Further development of Buddy, weekly releases of new features

Q4 2016

End of the Beta, First Paying Customers Launch of Buddy Enterprise

Q3 2016

Launch of Buddy Beta