Diagnosis of Cars on the Blockchain


Start: 2018-09-01 | End: 2018-09-30

CheckCar is a service for the diagnosis of cars using the smart contract on Ethereum blockchain technology using ERC-20 Token (CCR). The core business model of this service is to combine the principle of commission fees and free marketplace. Check Car charges car experts a small commission to support and develop the service, introduce new technologies and follow the roadmap. The CCR Tokens will be used for internal system settlements and smart contracts creation. Check Car will spend 20% of quarterly profit in a buy back program to buy tokens on exchanges and burn them. This ensures that their value will increase over time. The token value will also grow along with the popularity of the project. Checkcar is a service solving all market problems; the service directly connects a buyer with a diagnostician. The process of using Check Car is really simple and convenient. Customers will have to fill in applications for expert services, receive offers from trusted auto experts, enable Smart-Contract pay only for quality work. Experts have to respond to requests, enable smart contracts, get experience and reward and follow their weekly quests.


Denis Salykin

Insurance Expert

Natalya Chukaeva

Marketing Expert

Alexey Andrianov

IT Architect

Yuri Vildyaev

Auto expert

Yuri Epstein


Vyacheslav Tilo


Alexandr Bronnikov

Technical Director

Stanislav Drakin

Front-end Developer


Alex Adrian

It might be a good idea of connecting the diagnosing person with the buyer but people might find it outdated or useless. The theme of this platform doesn’t look like very appealing. Blockchain and Smart Contract is to be used on this platform, which is good. Checker will have to do a lot of effort on the marketing campaign in order to effectively promote their business. The good point of this platform is that it can provide so much of the relevant data for the relevant users when they need that. It can help them in decision making but the big question is whether this platform will be able to gain their user’s complete trust?

Rated on 2018-09-18

ICO Milestones

Q4 2019

Check Car iNvest Token

Dec 2018 Introduction of neuronet for recommendations

Thanks to the accumulated knowledge base, we will launch a neural network for recommendations

Nov 2018 Introduction of updated and new functions

Entering additional functionality into the project and system

Nov 2018 Involvement of partners

Connecting to the project partners, partner services and sites

Oct 2018 Entry to the European market

Conquest on the European, Asian markets

Sep 2018 Integration with large services

Connection to the system of large projects and services of auto subjects

Aug 2018 Start of full-grade project version

Updating the project introducing new features

Jul 2018 Mobile app

Launching a mobile application for all platforms

Jun 2018 Start ICO

start ICO Check Car Token

May 2018 Pre ICO

start pre-ico Check Car Token

Apr 2018 Private-Sale

The start of a private sale, the release of special tokens, which can be exchanged for pre-ico

Feb 2018 Start of beta version (web)

Running a beta version of the project for testing by experts and motorists