CI Chain

Cell Intelligence Chain


Start: 2018-09-01 | End: 2018-09-30

Cell Intelligence Chain (CIC) is cutting-edge technology combining biotechnology and Ethereum blockchain infrastructure. CI is both transparent and trustworthy and utilizes fast and easy token integration. CI Chain offers near-zero transaction fees which will be an ideal solution for decentralized apps, token issuances and token integrations for small and big businesses. CI technology allows us to use plant stem cell technology to create products that improve users' health. CI chain has 4 major features which are: 1. It is protected by more than 41 patented countries. 2. It is at the beginning of the development 3. New sub chain investing in CI chain mutualistic model which results in high stability, regenerability and recyclability 4. High biodegradable and non- toxic. It is a proven patent technology, CI collaborates with its Korea Technology Team and it uses the World’s first and only unique method of plant stem cell isolation which extracts the living exuberant stem cell. This platform issues the ERC-20 Token (CIC). Innovative technologies and application functions are important conditions in the blockchain ecosystem. This is the most influential blockchain in the future, with a unique technology blockchain that is not easily modelled or patented.


Lin Xizhe Frank Lin


Yeny Wang


Johnny Liang

Chief Biotech Consultant

Nizam Ismail

Legal Counsel


Hakaru Daiji

The concept of this platform is not very clear, or maybe they have not conveyed the concept clearly. The company’s website is in the Chinese language so it is hard to understand it. The features of the platform are fair enough. There is so much relevant data available on the website but most of it is not clear and hard to understand. CI chain has a great plan for the partners/supporters and the partners are really strong. It is a small team but very experienced and looks quite competent.

Rated on 2018-10-03

ICO Milestones

Q4 2019

More Smart Contract Compatible

Q3 2019

C-Cross chain protocol Online

Q2 2019

S-Cross chain protocol Online

Q1 2019

A-Cross chain protocol Online

Q4 2018

CIC List on Exchange Oct. 1 CIC Beta Chain Online

Q3 2018

Biotechnology Process Technology Alliance Internal Presell Jun.~ Sep. Public Presell Sep. week 1~3 Public sales Sep. week 4 CIC List on Exchange Oct. 1 CIC Beta Chain Online

Q1 2018

Develop Cell Technology Alliance