Clarity Project

Business Owner’s Device


Start: 2018-09-29 | End: 2019-02-03

Clarity Project is a platform that is created especially for all the small businesses. With the help of technology and the right advisors they are able to store their data in one safe place. Customers will be in control to decide who can access the data and when. Clarity will be also rewarding those who require to share the important components of their data. It’s not just about control and storage, it’s also about getting valuable insights into their performance and growth potential, a roadmap to design a growing, sustainable business and access to finance and previously unavailable early-stage investment to help them thrive. Clarity Project will be a useful tool for Small Businesses, Institutional Investors and also for the Token Holders. Therefor, Clarity Project’s moto is "Better Business, Better life, Better World". They use Ethereum as a blockchain platform and issues ERC-20 Tokens (CLRTY).


Frank Pira

Business and Token Sale Marketing Advisor

Nicolle Maltwood

Head of Communications and Marketing - Advisor

Ed Zynda

Head of Blockchain and Platform Developmen - Advisor

Darren Forbes

Digital Marketing Executive - Advisor

Aynsley Damery


Steven Briginshaw


Luke Smith


Julie Heaven



Amelia Benjamin

Clarity project is targeting the market of small businesses. It is providing the data management service to all the small and medium enterprises. The services they are going to provide consist of a comprehensive list of features from which the small businesses can benefit from. The idea of this platform is valuable, especially for different small businesses. The feature of this platform is acceptable and not much different from other blockchain platforms. It is also targets investors and will connect them with small businesses in innovative and interesting ways. This solves issues for both the investors and small businesses. I think this is a critically important part of this platform, because it was very important to bring different investors to the small businesses. They have a reasonable team, although it is relatively small t, they could perform well.

Rated on 2018-09-11

ICO Milestones

Q4 2019

Clarity Platform Development.

Q3 2019

Clarity Platform (Stage 1) Launch.

Q2 2019

Clarity Platform Development Begins.

Q1 2019

Phase 1 Architecture of Clarity Platform Finished; Customer Acquisition of Begins.

November 2018

Token SAle Closes (25th November); Senior Leadership Team Contracted; Business Development Team Recruitment Commences.

September 2018

Blockchain Conference London (26th Sept).

Aug 2018

Token Sale Lanch (18th August).

July 2018

B1G1 Business for Good Conference: Singapore (12-13 July); World Blockchain Summit: Singapore (19-20 July); Whitelist Opens (28th July)

June 2018

ICO Race: Lugano (7th June); World Blockchain Summit: Frankfurt (25-26 JIne).

May 2018

Whitepaper Writing Finished.

April 2018

Whitepaper Writing Commenced.

March 2018

Limited Company Incorporated.

December 2017

Founders Meet ICO Specialist Advisors.

June 2017

Birth of Idea Birmingham.