Mobile Cogeneration Mining Platform

Starts in 35 Days

Start: 2019-05-01 | End: 2019-05-31

Cogenero wants to build a platform that will use Cogeneration process to produce low-cost energy. Cogeneration is a process of generating electricity and capturing heat that is generated in that process that otherwise would be wasted. That makes this method logically beneficial and highly efficient, driving prices of electricity down, so much needed in mining. It aims to create ERC-20 utility token (COG) that will be used to buy computing power in a network of its cogeneration units. This platform will be using the blockchain technology which is Ethereum based. Users will be able to buy hashing power to mine cryptocurrencies through COG tokens. Cogenero will be able to mine cryptocurrencies at approximately half the cost as they are tapping on new and alternative energy sources (e.g. Flare gases) for which they are researching and developing the technology. Cogenero is building a network of Mobile Cogeneration Mining facilitates that are connected in the cloud-based system which you can benefit from by owning a COG token. Token holders will be able to use the tokens to buy the computing power that produces cryptocurrency from Cogenero’s innovative facilities. The company will use the part of the profit to expand and make the mining process more efficient.


Wioletta Tratkiewicz


Mariusz Stachurski


Bartosz Kosiński


Szymon Piekarz

Blockchain system developer

Piotr Danelski

Investment Specialist

Daniel Zwolinski

Senior analyst

Steven Stanley

PR & Marketing specialist in the Blockchain space

Witalis Mariusz Józwiak


Piotr Kiewel


Szymon Bolczyk


Kasia Dubiniewicz



Albert Thomas

Providing solutions to the energy crises is always a good idea. Using the latest technologies and processes for it is an edge. The business model/structure looks good and effective and can for sure generate a reasonable amount of revenue/income. The team is experienced but it is a very short team, they must consider adding human force to their platform. The website is not that impressive and also not much information is available on it and there are so many important things missing on it. These issues should be resolved by Cogenero. Making it a successful idea they will be needing to attract very strong partners and also the way they market this idea will be very important. It has a good whitepaper though.

Rated on 2018-10-08

ICO Milestones

June 2019

We will 2 more facilities. We will add additional facilities increase the amount of generated cryptocurrrency for 1 unit.

May 2019


December 2018

First Facility operation.

July 2018

Public Pre-ICO.

March 2018

Company Incorporated.

February 2018

The project was born. We started to talk to the partners.

December 2017

The idea was born. We started to work on flair technology research.