Uber for Food


Start: 2019-01-21 | End: 2019-03-13

Cravy is a blockchain based platform where restaurants can sell their pre-cooked excess in the form of geo-enabled last minute deals to people nearby that want to save money, eat well, explore new and contribute to environmental sustainability. This platform got two apps, one is for restaurants, where managers can turn on/off their deals, confirm purchases, view stats and reports of their views and sales and many more. Another one for customers, build with usability in mind for easy deals exploration and single-tap purchase. Also, it provides a powerful notification mechanism, our platform's push alerts are based on GPS and Machine Learning to bring customer's attention to the most relevant offers. Cravy’s business model is simple. As most of the marketplaces, it will take a small transaction fee from each purchase through its platform. It works on the blockchain technology based on Ethereum and issues the ERC-20 token (CRV). Cravy is a new Uber in the food industry. It solves a lot of complicated world social problems like the ejection of products from the restaurants and cafes, hunger, expensive level of living in big cities. But also Cravy is just a fun way to save some money for the summer vacation and eat your favourite dishes in your favourite’s places on the half of normal price or even lower.


Anatoliy Gatt


Nikita Arsalanov


Leonid Scherbina


Vladimir Remi


Eduard Bogdanov

Restaurant Relations Manager

Maksim Antonov

Blockchain and Marketing Advisor

Santa Stivrina

PR Advisor

Dmitri Saban



Albert Thomas

It is a very innovative idea and that too in one of the most potential backed industry globally: the food industry. There is so much food in this business idea and then connecting it to the blockchain and cryptocurrency is just icing on the cake. The concept of this platform is very easy to understand and very effective and also there could be so much demand in the market for it. There is so much that they can target with this idea. There are so many benefits and features for both the stakeholders: restaurants and customers. The roadmap is very nice and going at a decent pace. The young and competent team which is capable of doing so much, creativity is very much expected from these young lads.

Rated on 2018-11-16

ICO Milestones

January 2020

Pilot Launch in the United Kingdom.

November 2019

Expand Operations to All Major Dutch Cities.

September 2019

List CRV Token on Major Crypto Exchanges.

August 2019

Official Platform Launch in The Netherlands.

July 2019

Platform Public Launch.

June 2019

ICO Token Sale Start.

May 2019

Platform Beta Launch.

March 2019

Integrate Payment & Withdrawal System

February 2019

Open Pre-Registration for Restaurants.

January 2019

ICO Pre Sale Start.

December 2018

Platform Development.

October 2018

Build Partnerships with Restaurants.