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Start: 2019-03-04 | End: 2019-04-07

Dataeum is a blockchain-based platform which uses crowdsourcing to enable the collection of 100% of all global physical anywhere in the world, with 100% accuracy. It does this by using a distributed workforce of "collectors" who are incentivized in ERC-20 tokens (XDT) to submit physical data. Dataeum already has an App which makes it the only company that enables to gather 100% of any physical data, anywhere in the world, with 100% accuracy and make it available on a decentralized marketplace. The collection solution has proven its scalability during successful tests in three major European cities - with a large community of collectors. Dataeum has attracted not only highly experienced and devoted team members, but also such well-known advisors as Simon Cocking. This platform works on the blockchain technology based on Ethereum. Today, the world lives in what many call the Information Age, where digital data production is at the heart of all ecosystems. Businesses of all sizes large and small are using some form of data to drive growth. By 2020, our accumulated digital universe of data will grow from 4.4 trillion today to around 44 trillion gigabytes. However, one of the downsides of this huge production is poor data quality causing yearly losses estimated to $3.1 trillion in the US alone.


Anders Larsson


Simon Cocking


Ian Scarffe


Joakim Holmer


Mikhail Zelenin


Sébastien Bourguignon


Naviin Kapoor


Ilya Anikin


Jorge Rodriguez


Charly Pham


Billy Pham


Michael Trajkovic


Alain Rabahi


Hoa Thai Son

Head of Product

Constance du Breuil

Marketing Executive

Gaelle Bouvier

Head of Communication

Maxime Mechin

UX/UI Designer

Thanh-Quy Nguyen

Blockchain Developer


Hakaru Daiji

Dateum looks like a good platform for the market where data is everything and yes there is much potential in this business idea. It can get maximum success if the business model is effectively designed and executed. No doubt there is a huge market for such business but then still there are so many other competitors as well, to get the edge Dateum will have to work hard on their marketing and communications. The features and processes of this platform are very well designed with easy to understand Mechanism. The business model of this platform is also very well designed. It is using the technologies that any other blockchain company will be using, so nothing much new on that. There is no soft cap mentioned on the website. The team is a very specialized team and also young and enthusiastic, looks like a very diverse and exciting team.

Rated on 2018-11-16

ICO Milestones

Q3 2021

App enhancement to additional functionalities

Q2 2021

Extension of the marketplace to future solutions

Q1 2021

Merchants interactions solution Artificial intelligence

Q4 2020

Member to member interaction functionality

Q3 2020

Enhancement of the marketplace Full automatization of the marketplace data licensing

Q2 2020

Collection optimization Extension to the collection of all physical data

Q1 2020

Integration of an exchange platform within the system

Q4 2019

Marketplace deployment and its interface

Q2 2019

Integration of XDT tokens throughout the application

Q1 2019

Blockchain integration throughout the platform

Q4 2018

Application release and back office consolidation