DeepWater Treasure Recovery

New Frontiers Of Deep-Water Exploration


Start: 2018-05-08 | End: 2018-05-30

DeepWater Treasure Recovery is set to explore the new horizons in deep water exploration. The project will employ AI in underwater pattern recognition. Information related to ancient shipwrecks, underwater natural resources and mineral deposits in the Caribbean sea. Similarly many more chapters of history and new opportunities will be uncovered using this technology.


Alej­andro Gavri­lyuk

CEO, Founder

Manuel Merino

Software Engineer

Fernando Moreira

Software Engineer

Eduardo Perez

System Engineer

Julio Cruz

Software Engineer

Alfredo Casero

System Engineer

Pedro Vela

Software Engineer

Rodrigo Intriago

Systems Engineer

Carlos Alvarado

Systems Engineer

Jose Saltos

Marine Surveyor


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ICO Milestones


- Increasing the number of lots on DeepWater Market.©, start of the recovery of some discovered shipwrecks

Q4 2019

- Loyalty program execution: start of DWT buy-back

Q1-Q4 2019

- Launch of the first exploratory expedition by the fleet of gliders - DeepWater Market.© platform launch and blockchain integration - Start of a large-scale advertising campaign for DeepWater Market.©

Q2-Q4 2018

- Filing paperwork to purchase land and to start the construction of an assembly line - Hiring assembly line personnel - Setting up an international logistics network and signing contracts with the suppliers of parts - Launch of the glider assembly line - Start of the development of the Deepwater Market platform - Hiring marketing and PR personnel

Q2 2018

Listing "DWT" on Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Q1-Q2 2018

Distribution of Tokens "DWT"

Q1 2018

"DWT" Token pre-sale/sale

Q2-Q4 2017

- Glider prototype launch in offshore - Additional data accumulation for Deep Learning - System debugging - Logistics network optimisation - "glider-to-glider" and "glider-to-ship" communication system debugging

Q1 2017

Neural Network testing in a Virtual Underwater Simulator (UWSims)

Q4 2016

Initial Neural Network training based on the acquired data

Q3 2016

Glider Prototype Launch in Ecuador Inshore Waters

Q2 2016

- Initial data collection - Neural Network Development

Q1 2016

- Testing the Concept - Glider Prototype Launch in Ecuador Closed Waters


Glider Prototype Development