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Start: 2018-12-17 | End: 2019-03-17

Dollero Technology is providing a solution for centralized exchange vulnerability and the resultant loss of user funds on exchanges. This is achieved not only by a combination of our own unique security solution and a partnership with an industry leader in the security systems industry but also by ensuring the exchange and the entire Dollero Exchange system. This provides newcomers and professional trades alike with a safe, trusted and concern less method of trading. The aim of the project is to expand cryptocurrency usage for the masses, a goal Dollero Technology is solving in 2 different ways. The first is the implementation of payment cards that will allow exchange users to use their cryptocurrency immediately, by using a mobile application wherever a payment terminal is located. The second is the Dollero Club, which is focused on crypto newcomers and uses local influencers to form an e-learning academy. The project takes care of invested funds, but also creates a suitable environment; therefore the user is able to become familiar with the world of crypto easily while being secured against theft, hack or fraud. The platform is using blockchain based on Ethereum and also, it has its own ERC-20 token (DLLR).


Michal Repa

Chief Information Officer

Slavomír Kaňuk

Co-Founder & Chief Marketing Officer

René Darmoš

Quality Assurance Managment & ICO Advisor

Martin Laskovský

Co-Founder & Head of Analytics

Ján Repa

Co-Founder & Chief Sales Officer

Vanda Zajacová

Product Manager of Dollero Exchange

Patrik Benčič

Chief Operations Officer


Hakaru Daiji

The marketing of this project looks good although the offering of it is same as any other modern day blockchain platform. There is though a need for this kind of services in the blockchain industry because cyber security is a very significant concern. The features look good with the processes and the usage is easy. The pricing of the coin done is fair enough but as compare to another platform it is a bit high. The distribution model is very detailed and nicely done. It has got a pretty decent team with a number of specialized members.

Rated on 2018-12-14

ICO Milestones


Blockchain technologies; Support for blockchain projects of other companies.


Marketing campaign prior to the launch of the Dollero Exchange; Launch of the own exchange with implemented security.


Issue of own Dollero Wallet - e-wallet with implemented security; Launch of the Dollero Club; Opening of the Academy; Connection of payment cards to the Dollero Club point system; Issue of Dollero coins (DLLR); Implementation of the ICO; Programming of the own Dollero Exchange.


Launch of the website; Preparation of project documentation; Development of the Dollero Club; Development of the Dollero Wallet; Preparation of the ICO.


Establishment of the Dollero Technology company; Start of marketing and PR communications Use of social media marketing tools (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram and Reddit). PR communication via offline media and expansion of the Dollero Club community.