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Start: 2018-10-17 | End: 2018-11-17

EasyGuide is a project that connects travellers and travel service providers around the world. It will able its users not only to save money and nerves but also to find interesting friends. It is using the Ethereum blockchain and issues ERC-20 tokens (GDC). It is a decentralized eco-system. How does it work: Register in the application and look for fellow travellers to go sightseeing together and share the expenses of renting car, boat, apartment and other things that allow you to create your trip easy, safe, comfortable, cheap, with interesting people. EasyGuide is aimed at developing an entire tourist service system, providing a more accessible and interesting journey around the world. The service allows you to place your offer on an upcoming trip in a rented car or any other type of transport, as well as to other users of the site to track already available trips, or independently create new tourist offers. EasyGuide, based on reviews and ratings, will group people according to similar parameters and make up an individual proposal for each of them. The service will help independent tourists to compose an ideal route and save up to 50% of the cost.


Roman Levsha

Advisor of east market

Vladislav Romanenko


Ekaterina Sharifulina

Head of HR

Aleksandr Volkov


Pavel Nikulshin

Fullstack Developer

Petr Gostin

Fullstack Developer

Maxim Lomachenko


Denis Russu

Front-end Developer

Roman Ekhsonov

Fullstack Developer

Olga Fedyakova



Amelia Benjamin

Well in the typical market there are several platforms which provide this, but I think it is a good step introducing it into the crypto world as well. This kind of idea always works out especially in the west everyone wants to experience new things and new people. Also when you divide the cost of the travel it makes things easy for everyone, that is why it is always a hit phenomenon. The total number of tokens that will be available for the supply is a fair bit of number, also the token distribution model is a reasonable one. It is a very good team but seems much localized. They should add more talent from different regions of the world to enhance creativity and bring new ideas to the team.

Rated on 2018-10-11

ICO Milestones

III quarter 2021

- Production release & operation - Full-functionality operations product 2.0 - Insurance - Neural network implementation.

IV quarter 2019

- Localization in additional languages - Resolving multilingual support issues - Insurance - Start preparing recognition lions by photos - Start marketing campaign in Asia and Americas.

III quarter 2019

- ICO - Cryptocurrency payment and smart contract implementation - Acceptance of cryptocurrency payments - Mobile application development.

I quarter 2019

- Token sale preparation smart contract - Pre-Token sale (pre-ICO) - Preparation for use of the blockchain technology in the project.

III quarter 2018

- MVP (The presentation of the basic functionality to the travelers) - Development of the strategy of business’s launch - Start of marketing campaigns of Token Sale - The presentation of the project for early investors - White paper relies - The project presentation for potential participants in worldwide - Engaging the travelers and business in the platform testing

II quarter 2018

The alpha version of the product - Start of composing the White paper - Basic online booking functions.

I quarter 2018

Site design project - Development of site - Resolving international travelers issues - Project video.

IV quarter 2017

- Market demands research - Market analysis and analysis of the needs of travelers and businesses - Product development start I quarter .