Game That Makes You Meet Many People


Start: 2018-11-19 | End: 2018-12-10

Enzym is a blockchain mobile game platform based on Ethereum which has its own ERC-20 token (ZYM). It uses the blockchain to bring transparency and security to the user. Enzym is a free mobile game that triggers encounters outside our usual circles (friends, family, and colleagues). Players can receive challenges/missions that will lead to meetings. Every challenge is different. It can be played by two or more people, with strangers or with friends, over a few hours or several days. To play, a user needs ZYMs, the fuel of the application. Some actions will make him win, other will make him lose ZYMs. Two decades of widespread internet use transformed social interactions. The world has embraced the joys of anonymous expression, online acquaintances and virtualized relationships. There have been a lot of positive aspects to this dynamic but also many limitations and perverse effects. Enzym will be composed of smart contracts and tools providing the functionalities necessary to an application aimed at linking strangers. It will be token-based and free to use. Users will receive blockchain tokens via a variety of means, including challenges and interactions. In order to use the app's features, they will have to spend tokens and have their presence technically certified.


Eric Burgel

Président - B2Expand

Manon Burgel

CEO - B2Expand

Rémi Burgel

CTO - B2Expand

Nicolas Paillet

Legal and financial advisor

Théophile Batoz

Software Engineer

Sophea Sock

UI / UX designer

Kevin Fuks

Community Manager

Octave Rolland


Pauline Rochette

Community Manager

Guillaume Larochette

Community Manager


Amelia Benjamin

One thing is for sure, there is not any real utility of this platform but it can grab a good enough market on the basis of its offerings. The service it is giving is interesting and appealing for the general users. The features that are designed for this platform are really nice and very interesting, especially from a user’s point of view it seems a successful idea. The team is small and seems inexperienced but definitely, they are competent and can do a lot better in future.

Rated on 2018-12-07

ICO Milestones

S2 (2020)

Translations, UX modifications and promotion : Indian, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.

S1 (2020)

Enzym platform v2​: increased decentralization, near-serverless operation Translations, UX modifications : Russian, Spanish, Portuguese. Promotion : Russia, Spain, Portugal, Latin America.

Q4 (2019)

Enzym platform v2​: operational blockchain, user interactions through smart contracts, end-to-end data encryption, decentralized user data. Constitution of a European team for the sale of tokens. Study and validation of technical solutions for the distribution of tokens in venues.

Q3 (2019)

Launch of an operational Enzym platform in French and English. Start of promotional communication: media reports, content creation and diffusion, events in major cities in France and in the US.

Q2 (2019)

Enzym platform v1​: functional mobile app, data storage on servers. Determination of the European marketing strategy. Technical validation of the distribution of tokens via the newsletter and the QR code technology v1.

Q1 (2019)

Recruitment. Start of the development of the Enzym dApp. Selection of a communication agency. Start of the marketing of tokens to European venue owners.

S2 (2018)

ICO platform up and running. Enzym prototype​: proof-of-concept of some parts of future user interactions Pre-sale: October 22 - November 5, 2018. ICO: November 19 - December 10, 2018.