Excalibur OS

World's First OS with Mining Management System


Start: 2018-12-15 | End: 2019-01-31

Excalibur Operating System is blockchain platform based on Ethereum which will solve the issue of mining as it has built-in mining management feature so user can mine cryptocurrency by their own, It also solves the problem of Viruses and Data Theft by its unique method of data security system, and additionally it solves the second major issue of System users in which the users can now experience different platforms application on Excalibur, which means application files from major OS will be supported by Excalibur Operating System. It also has the feature of Blockchain-based Mining Management System, in which user can mine, trade & user can also add their own script of tokens. This OS has inbuilt virus protection system and anti-theft system which lets users have experience of a virus free and data security system. The Operating System also solves the problem of Mining by its unique Mining Management System which can mine and manage your coin and have script editing system in which you can add newly launched coin by just adding their script. Users can mine coin with better efficiency because of its enhanced performance which utilizes the efficiency of hardware to the fullest. It issues its own ERC-20 token (XOS).


Suraj Singh Bisht

CEO & Founder

Neeraj Pal Singh Karakoti

Co-founder & Senior Developer

Anmol Agarwal

Architect & Developer Expert In C++

Sanjay Agarwal

Desktop & Embedded Software Developer

Kavita Gariya

Chief Scientific Developer

Faheem Ahamad

CMO & System Developer

Dr. Sartaj Hussain

Test Automation & Security Analyst

Dr. Sartaj Hussain

Mining Management & PHP Developer

Trilok Singh

Mining Management & Node.js Developer

Giovanni Casagrande


Giacomo Arcaro


Nozomu Nakazato


Sydney Ifergan

ICO Advisor

Andrew Chung

ICO Advisor

Mauro Andriotto

Financial Advisor

Alecos Colombo

ICO Advisor


Amelia Benjamin

Well, it is a different kind of service providing platform in the blockchain industry and it seems like a very good platform with high potential in it. The features that it is offering are really interesting and look effective. The team is much localized and lacks experience but the guys are specialized and will go well in the future. Overall it is an average project.

Rated on 2018-12-14

ICO Milestones

Q4 2019

The BETA Version with Next Update will be launched that is Virtual Reality.

Q3 2019

BETA Version With Artificial Intelligence (AI) like SIRI & Cortana

Q1 2019

BETA Version of Excalibur OS will be releasing & token will be available for trading

Q4 2018

ICO, & Testing on BETA Version

Q3 2018

PRE ICO In September 2018

Q2 2018

Excalibur OS Got Official Existence.

Q1 2018

Mining Management System Development Was Started

Q3 2017

Platform Development Was Finished

Q3 2016

Team Started working on Majon Part i.e. All Platforms Power in a Single Platform.

Q2 2016

Virus Protection System For Excalibur OS Was Built.

Q1 2016

User Interface Got Ready In February.

Q4 2015

Kernal Development Was Finished In The Month Of October

Q1 2015

The Team Was Build & Development Of Excalibur OS Was Started

Q4 2014

Project Idea Was Proposed