Revolutionising Mobile Commerce


Start: 2019-02-09 | End: 2019-03-08

EZeeBUY is set to change the world of mobile shopping. With the EZeeBUY app, the photo is king. Using the camera on their smartphone device, consumers can take a photo of any desired product they see or even share an online photo and immediately receive the best deal for it, wherever in the world that might be. The Internet forever changed the way consumers shop. Smartphone devices and applications transformed the shopping landscape even further. The next step in this digital revolution lies with a simple photo combined with artificial intelligence. This is EZeeBUY the Amazon for Millennial. It is a Blockchain Platform based on Ethereum which offers its own ERC-20 token (EZ8). EZeeBUY packs world-first features to let younger consumers digitally “ask” their parents for permission to buy something or simply place desired items on a family-shared “wish list.” Accessible by family and close friends, the social media-integrated wish list, removes the stress of gift selection while allowing parents to encourage better money management in their kids. Users can also make charitable donations with ease.


Anna Cuisia

Blockchain/ICO Creation

Jiri Knesl

ICO Platform Development

Ernie Olsen

Banking and Financial Services

Hans Koning

Blockchain, Crypto and ICOs

Jack Liao

ICO and Blockchain

Michel Mommejat

Digital Media Public Relations

Hajime Hirose

Serial Entrepreneur

David Estrada

Founder and CEO

Kenth Fagerlund

Co-Founder and CTO

Gilles Daquin

Co-Founder and CDO


David Malan

EZeeBUY is a mobile app which is set to revolutionize the world of Blockchain technology. It is the Amazon for Millennial. EZeeBUY is also based on Ethereum which offers its own ERC-20 token. It focuses mainly on the younger consumers who can put an item on a family wish list and can digitally ask their parents for permission to buy anything online.

Rated on 2019-01-04

ICO Milestones


Onboard two more retail partners in Japan. Global expansion to the United States, Singapore and the UK.

November 2018

Building of the multicurrencyand cryptocurrency-secured EZeePAY wallet for app users to complete a purchase within the global marketplace economy. Secure agreements with three cryptocurrency exchanges for the EZ8 token.

October 2018

Building of the patent-pending data analytics platform (EZeeDATA) that will offer product trend insights from EZeePRODUCT and help any e-merchants optimize their pricing and inventory.

September 2018

Launch with Toys “R” Us Japan and expand nationwide.

August 2018

Building of the sponsored advertising platform for any brand to engage directly with EZeeBUY users. Building of the retail partner platform (EZeeRETAIL) to help retailers digitally transform their business through technologies like EZeeDiNA, EZeePRODUCT, EZeeBUY, EZeeAUGMENT, EZeeBRAND and EZeeDATA. Building of the customer loyalty rewards platform (EZeeEARN) for retail partners to offer customers a digitally enhanced loyalty program.

July 2018

Building of the smartphone application (EZeeBUY) with patent-pending features that include “buy” and “ask” one-touch experiences and a family-shared wish list. Building of the patent-pending augmented reality platform (EZeeAUGMENT) for experiential marketing of products and interactive browsing for EZeeBUY users. Toys “R” Us signs a two-year exclusive partnership with EZeeBUY.

May 2018

Building of the digital neural architecture (EZeeDiNA) platform that will leverage AI and deep-learning technologies to accurately identify any product from an image. Joined the Japan Blockchain Association.

January 2018

Toys “R” Us agrees to a two-year exclusive partnership with EZeeBUY.