Know the people around you


Start: 2018-02-15 | End: 2018-03-30

Faceter is a pioneer in decentralized surveillance systems for their customers. Faceter gives brains to cameras through enhanced face detection technology and real-time video analysis based on object detection, which makes video surveillance a lot smarter than what it is today. Faceter has absolute respect for user and data privacy, by allowing sensitive data to be processed in a trusted environment with all the images, which are not subject to any recovery and are passed to the decentralized network.


Igor Karavaev

Investor Relations

Ken Huang

Senior Academic Advisor

Wulf Kaal

Blockchain Expert

Robert Wayne Pothier

Co-Founder, CEO

Vladimir Tchernitski

Co-Founder, CTO

Leon Olckers

Technical Deployments

Jayson Gouws

Solutions and distribution

Paul Scott

Business Development

Graham Perry

Sales and Distribution

Aleksandr Chernov

Tech Lead

Anton Ivashkevich


Vitaliy Kuzmenko

Mobile Development


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ICO Milestones


Developing integrated solutions in collaboration with hardware vendors Tracking visitors with partially or completely hidden faces. Recognizing body type features: height, weight, build New team members: sales and business development specialists Vehicle detection and recognition in video, including recognition of numbers using cameras with sufficient resolution Partnership agreements with video camera vendors regarding Faceter preinstallation Developing a technology for detecting different events in the cameras’ scope: run, fall, fight, unattended items, hazardous situations (flame, smoke, vibration, non-standard noise etc.) Launching a fully functional decentralized version of Faceter


Token SaleBuilding modular architecture and adapting Faceter to fog computing networks to reduce computation costs Developing Android, iOS, Apple TV applications Developing a module for classifying individuals in videos to augment the event-based model with the following features: sex, age, race, emotions New team members: growing IT department Launching beta version of Faceter running on a fog and starting sales in the mass market segment Adding a “user friendly” option: store video archives in decentralized IPFS-based storage providers


Alpha version of Faceter for B2B is released Proof-Of-Concept of Faceter for mass-market (centralized version)


The Faceter project was launched in 2014.