Further Network

Autonomous Smart Travel Ecosystem


Start: 2018-05-02 | End: 2018-05-15

Further Network is an innovative tech firm that revolutionizes airlines and travelling ecosystems with blockchain. Further Network’s ATON takes the complete business model to a next level with customisable airline tickets, P2P real-time payments and settlements, smart travel records and much more.


Kaan Sarıaydın

Joakim Everstin

Erol Lengerli

Güner Gürsoy

Maurizio Anichini

Tuna Çakırca

Brenda Anichini

Mete Varas

Anuj Khanna

Kyle Wang

Zafer Sönmez

Kadir Özgür Oğuz


Erdem Üney

Blockchain Developer

Gökhan Koç

Blockchain Developer

Cem Ersözlü

Eser Sevim

Finance Expert

Gökhan İşci

Airline Analyst

Mehmet Duran

Lead Backend Developer

Gülten Can


Ali Nihat Mataraci

Social Media Manager


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ICO Milestones

Q3 2020

Open Network for 3rd party

Q4 2019

Launch of Blockchain PSS

Q1 2019

- Launch of Settlement and Payment Platform - Launch of Identity Product

Q3 2018

- Dubai MEA Office - Singapore Asia Office


TGE end


TGE (Token Generation Event)



February 2018

Demo Product

January 2018

Private Token Sale Start

October 2017

Publishing Whitepaper

August 2017

Prototyping and Tests

October 2017

Publishing Website

February 2017

First members to Advisory Board

September 2016

Conceptual Design