Open Source Downloads Website


Start: 2018-03-09 | End: 2018-03-31

Geekzcode is developing an open source download website. They aim to create a platform where users from every background can get apps and softwares they need. Geekzcode will also allow the users and developers to interact and create new apps by a user offering bounty and increasing it until a developer accepts it. Geekzcode will issue GUT or Geekz Utility Tokens and pledges will be made in Ethereum tokens. These pledges as well as the donations will allow the holders to receive extra perks of holding a GUT.


Antony West

Founder and Director

George Foster

Creative Director and Co-Founder

Oleg Abrosimov

Head Website Back End Developer

Anton Zubarev

Head Blockchain Developer

Tomas Nedved

Digital Account Director

Jakub Kriz

Senior Developer

Kevin Walsh


Gina Bradbury

Marketing Consultant


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ICO Milestones

August 2018

Develop Tangle Based Token

July 2018

Create App

April 2018

Beta Testing

February 2018

Launch Crowdfunding Token Event

January 2018

Announce Token Event

November 2017

Selected Team

October 2017

Started Company Formation

September 2017

Partnership Formed

August 2017

Secured Investment

June 2017

- Concept - Legal Advice