GID Coin

GID Coin


Start: 2018-10-18 | End: 2018-12-31

GID is a coin which is covered by real assets, which are secured and insured. It is world’s first cryptocurrency covered by Polished Diamonds and Gold Bullions. GID Coin has to become an international currency covered by two most valuable precious goods in the world, powered and secured by Blockchain. It will be related with the real business concerned with mining and procession of diamonds and gold. There are two ways of work for the company: • To buy a final product (polished diamonds and bullions) from the producers and miners; • To arrange the whole process from the very beginning, use less money and to take bigger profits. 30% of the budget goes for the purchase of the final product and the rest 70% will be used for the full cycle of production. ICO investors are given GIDE (GID pre-launch) tokens that can be converted to ERC-20 tokens (GID) after the company has secured enough polished diamonds and gold bullions. It is a platform that uses the blockchain technology that is based on Ethereum.


Oleg Tkachev

Founder & CEO

Alex Konviser

Business Development Director

Evan Kirstel

Public Relations Director

Vyacheslav Sokoltsov

ICO Development Director

Marsel Ibragimov

Head of IT Development

Valeri Arenas

Creative Director

Roderich Hess

Gold Processing Advisor

Alex Yudovich

Legal Advisor

Carlos Creus Moreira

Blockchain Advisor

Deepanshu Bhatt

Marketing Advisor

Javor Ninov

ICO Development Advisor

Gregory Van den Bergh

Bank Relations Advisor

Miikka Saloseutu

Business Advisor

Barnaby Andersun

Blockchain Advisor


Alex Adrian

It has a good platform or rather I will say it is an average ICO. The team is strong though. The website needs a lot of improvement with the user-interface and the colour scheme part. They have average market partners. Not sure if bringing blockchain into the gold or diamond industry a good thing or not, anyways they are trying and let’s hope it goes well. The token distribution model needs improvement, it should be revised. The roadmap is average and going at right pace. There is still a lot of work required to do in different factors of this platform.

Rated on 2018-10-11

ICO Milestones

Q2 2023

Start of Buyback campaign.

Q2 2019

Launch of the own mining site. Launch of cutting workshop in Spain. Launch of small refinery in Swiss. Branches in Angola, USA, Belgium.

Q1 2019

Listing of GIDs at the exchanges. Launch of mining via platform. Trial immision of Revolut MC credit card. Third cycle of production of diamonds and gold.

Q4 2018

ICO Campaing (GIDE) 09.2018. Alfa version of GDP blockchain. Exchange of GIDEs to GIDs. Second cycle of production of diamonds and gold.

Q3 2018

New website. Mobile application. Pre-ICO (GIDE) 07.2018. Beta version of GDP blockchain. First full cycle production of diamonds and gold.

Q2 2018

Completed Whitepaper. Website Pre-Sale for primary investors. First purchases. Start of bounty campaign.