Gilgamesh Platform

Knowledge-sharing social network platform


Start: 2018-01-15 | End: 2018-03-26

The Gilgamesh Platform is a knowledge sharing social platform based on Ethereum smart contracts and blockchain technology. Gilgamesh strives to change the way authors, readers and critics connect and interact with one another. Gilgamesh will enhance the transfer of knowledge in a secured environment encouraging a widespread education and learning experience with an aim to incentivize education. Productive interactions on the platform will make the users earn GIL tokens, based on ethereum blockchain through smart contracts. "


Mahdi Pedram

Founder & Software Architect

Atefe Mosayebi

Software Engineer & Project Manager

Ali Rasekh

Director of Operations & Security Manager

Mo Vahedi

Product Manager & Solution Delivery Lead

Kumar Gaurav

Blockchain & Business Advisor

Douglas Park

Legal & Business Advisor

Reza Dibadj

Legal & Business Advisor

Nathan Christian

Blockchain & ICO Advisor


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ICO Milestones

2019 Q2

Shakespeare Final Release & Homer Beta Release

2019 Q1

Shakespeare Beta Release & Homer Alpha Release

2018 Q4

Plato Final Release

2018 Q3

Plato Beta Release

2018 Q2

Plato Alpha Release

2017 Q4 to Q1 2018

Gilgamesh Platform token sale & brand awareness

2017 Q3

Gilgamesh white paper & smart contract

2017 Q3

iOS core development completed

2017 Q2

Gilgamesh IOS app Design completed

2017 Q1

Gilgamesh Market and Technical Research

2016 Q4

Gilgamesh Concept

2016 Q2

Skiral Inc. Established