Trusted Entertainment Industry Token


Start: 2019-01-21 | End: 2019-03-21

HotCoin drives and promotes accessibility, privacy and trust in the Multi-Billion entertainment industries by providing a next-generation payment solution to exceed next generation expectations. Built on the Ethereum ERC20 blockchain algorithm, HotCoin (HCN) is an actively used utility token developed and supported by leading influencers with over 20 years of industry experience. It is replacing outdated and overregulated payment systems while eliminating excessive fees. In a volatile environment where fiat currency and personal data are subject to uncertainty and risk, HotCoin is the digital decentralized currency designed to champion and rejuvenate stability, anonymity and loyalty. Unlike the other cryptocurrency start-ups that began during the Bitcoin valuation frenzy, HotCoin is the oldest and most trusted crypto token in adult already. That is because HotCoin began in 2014 and over the last 5 years, the coin has become a valid form of payment at hundreds of the most popular adult sites online. This is a currency that is already in use, with a history of fair use and a very experienced team of technical experts helping it to become the industry standard.


Philip Bradbury

Business Development

Henry Mulligan

Crypto Consultant

Robert Stone


Trevor Dillishaw

AI / Machine Learning

Dmitri Yakovlev

Senior Programmer

Douglas Ferri

Systems Administrator

Robert Duncan

Lead Developer

Edward Daly

Systems Architect

Marco Ricci


Sarkis Avagyan

Financial Advisor

Susan Villalobos


Glen Laurence

Support Specialist

Azalee McCallister

Customer Care

Andrew Johnson

Social Media


Dylan Pieter

The concept of this platform looks good and seems pretty interesting. There are so many things and so many concepts involved in the offering if this platform. The features of this platform are good enough but are almost the same as any other blockchain platform. The team is very small but the current team is very specialized and very experienced.

Rated on 2018-12-21