Truly Open and Free Market Ecosystem

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Start: 2019-02-20 | End: 2019-12-31

HyperionX is a truly open and free market system. It anticipates a shift in the way people think about currency and community. The timing of blockchain is visceral in the landscape of current technological growth and as it gets closer to full automation, its relationship with their current job structure will adjust accordingly. HyperionX will act as a bridge to a community that grows together organically. It aims to provide an autonomous, decentralized, free-market ecosystem. As a user interacts with the community, they can earn tokens and be free to pursue ideas, passions and personal improvement. The idea is to create a network like a root system, interconnecting all individual “trees “or users around the world. It will be giving anyone and everyone the ability to contribute to the ecosystem. Think of a new user as a new seedling planted in the ecosystem, and as the user grows within the community, so does their tree. The platform that it uses is that of Ethereum and has its own ERC-20 token (TREE).


Caterina Ferrara

ICO Advisor

Jeremy Klein

Founder & Project Leader

Matthew Klapper

Brand Architect & Design Lead

Carl Bonafede

Content Curator

Gina Diamantidis

Market Research Analyst

William Meurer

Data Analyst

Jaroslaw Kijko

Business Development

Ryan Meadows

Media & Marketing Strategist

Jillian Bongiorni

Public Relations

Jose Alvarez

Business Development

Rickey Marciano

Project Coordinator


Albert Thomas

The idea behind this platform is a bit complex and not clear. Also, it is a bit difficult to understand the true essence of what this platform will be offering. Though the concept behind the platform is very really nice and it is designed in a very innovative way which can be the strong point for this business to succeed. The features look very good of this platform and also the processes that they have designed are very nice and very effective, also from users’ trust perspective it can be really reliable as well. Overall the project looks very good and very interesting and it has the factor of innovation in it so that is a good thing. The numbers are good as well and are fair enough. It has an average strong team which is very capable of achieving so much.

Rated on 2018-11-16

ICO Milestones


Launch of Tree Blockchain Chain Independence True Decentralization Hyperion Integration Token Swap


Blockchain Development Testnet Mainnet Hyperion Integration

Q3-Q4 2020

Testnet. Mainnet

Q2 2020

Global Scalability Open Network

Q1 2020

Launch of Hyperion Protocol w/ Ethereum Integration on mainnet

Q3 2018

Start development of Hyperion Protocol MVP (minimum viable product) Ethereum Integration v.1 User Manual

Q2 2018

Start Global Expansion Continue creating business partnerships v.1 Technical Whitepaper

Q1 2019

Create business partnerships for the platform Expand DevOps team Expand marketing efforts Public ICO sale

Q4 2018

October 2018 Pre-ICO Stage ends California DevOps Office Expansion Global Marketing Campaign Started ​ November-December 2018 Add to DevOps Team Public ICO sale smart contract created

Q3 2018

July - August 2018 USA Major City Tour. Initiate Pre-ICO funding stage ​ September 2018 Tour Continues. Marketing efforts expand. Pre-ICO Stage continues

Q2 2018

April 2018: Tampa Creative Office expansion for design team Redesign entire website and create ICO page v.2 Whitepaper ​ May 2018: Create Project headquarters in New York. Strategize and Initiate Marketing Campaign ​ June 2018: Land expert advisors to help grow the project

Q1 2018

January 2018: Idea Sprouted ​ February 2018: Smart Contract / Tree Token was created v.1 Whitepaper ​ March 2018: New York based Content & Marketing team formed DevOps advisor joined the team