The Talent Token


Start: 2019-03-06 | End: 2019-03-27

iCasting is a revolutionary one-stop-shop talent ecosystem, serving the whole casting industry from one platform. Currently, it acts as a matching platform where talents and clients can find each other fast, easy and at low costs. It is a blockchain platform based on Ethereum which has its own ERC-20 token (TLNT). iCasting is based on a unique matching algorithm, connecting the right talents with the right clients. Since its launch in 2015 in the Netherlands, the iCasting platform has exponentially grown to over 140,000 registered talents, making it the biggest casting platform in the Netherlands. Combined with over 1500 clients, it has already created a thriving and bustling community of supply and demand. The goal is to create a global market by decentralizing the connecting, hiring, payment and agreement processes between talents and clients worldwide. It intends to do that by creating a tokenized ecosystem based on its new Talent Token that utilizes the advantages of the blockchain technology. It is an ecosystem where anyone can get rewarded for contributions to the community.


Richard Kastelein

ICO Advisor

Steven Deurloo

Financial Advisor

Sieuwert van Otterloo

IT Advisor

Erwin Arkema

Founder & CEO

Bob Breeman

Founder & COO

Joris van Hittersum

Founder & CCO

Yillmaz Schoen

Founder (CEO TradeCast.tv)

Owen Hardy


Vincent Meijer

Project Manager

Mark van der Hoop

Senior Blockchain Developer

Rick Nijstad

Senior Developer

Jos Dalhuisen


Jesse Spenkelink


Jorrit Tempelman


Sander Polman

Business Sidekick

Viktor van Dijk

Creative Director

Jesson Honig

Full Stack Designer

Nanja Smit

Community Manager

Ilona Bosch

Marketing & Communication Officer

Jochem van de Weg

Marketing & Communication Officer

Mitchell Peels

Marketing & Communication Officer

Marije Herder

Office Manager


Amelia Benjamin

The overall platform looks very good and seems like a very strong platform for this kind of service also, their marketing is very good. The idea of this project is very nice and if executed effectively, it can be a huge success in the market. There are some very good numbers on the website which supports its cause. Features are good as any other good blockchain platform. The extra features of it are really interesting and very appealing from user’s point of view. Both the Team and Advisory Board are very strong with very competitive members in it.

Rated on 2018-11-29

ICO Milestones


iCasting API available for third party integrations.

Q2-Q4 2019

Extended blockchain features integration. Global expansion.Global marketing & PR campaign.

Q1 2019

Smart contract integration. International launch Phase 1. Talent Token listed at cryptocurrency exchanges.

Q4 2018

The ICO. Launch of Talent Token. Users receive wallets & Talent Tokens.

Q3 2018

Talent Token & smart contract beta integration.

Q2 2018

ICO campaign launch. (including whitepaper & ICO website iCasting.io). US talents & clients sign up integration. Private presale & whitelist presale Talent Token.

Q1 2018

Technical upgrade database and servers for global launch. Launch iCasting.io teaser website. Development Talent Token & smart contracts.


Fourth round of funding €625,000. Launch of iCasting.tv. Release of iCasting 2.0: improved user experience and. more advanced backend system. User database growth to 140,000+ talents & 1500 clients. Development Mobile iOS and Android app beta. Welcoming blockchain experts.


Development iCasting 2.0. Marketing campaign NL. User database growth to 75,000+ talents & 850+ clients.


Third round of funding €740,000. Launch of iCasting in The Netherlands. Partnership RTL (largest TV network in the NL) & Fedde le Grand. Start marketing campaign NL.


Second round of funding €330,000. Team expansion. Development iCasting 1.0.


First round of funding - €330,000. Company registration. Opening iCasting office. Employment of iCasting team. Development iCasting beta .