Process Mining Software


Start: 2018-12-03 | End: 2018-12-30

Intrachain is the world's first process mining software with integrated blockchain. It is compatible with all lT infrastructures. Intrachain centralizes and streamlines its user’s intercompany accounting, reducing their costs and increasing productivity. Large corporations are highly inefficient. They often consist of several hundred subsidiary companies, which are put together under one group. Managing transactions between these subsidiary companies are very inefficient, mainly because of two reasons: A lack of information and high costs for allocation, reconciliation and clearing. Intrachain provides solutions to both these problems: The lack of information is fixed by the Intrachain Process Mining Engine. It enables each subsidiary company to drill down into their costs and identify single activities and their duration. These activities are connected to the blockchain and get processed immediately using smart contracts. The smart contracts charge the receiving parties right away and handle the corresponding transactions. The technology works across all IT infrastructures due to its decentralized blockchain. Therefore, it can easily be implemented at new subsidiaries. So it doesn't interfere with common M&A activities or infrastructure decisions.


Arne Reimann


Dr. Klaus Preisner


Mislav Boras


Bastian Brodbeck

Core Developer

Leonid Astakhov

Core Blockchain Developer

Peter Dodell


Sebastian Kollmannsberger


Wojtek Misiewicz


Ugo Bechis

ICO Advisor

Joshua Cornelius


Firras Sabbah


Henrique Centieiro

ICO Advisor


Alex Adrian

It is a good and unique idea, there is a need for this kind of product. It will solve a lot of minor and major problems in the accounting industry. It is a good platform because it works on cost saving and many users will come towards it because of this factor. The solution to huge data problem is given by this platform. The business structure looks good but the challenge will be to communicate effectively it to the user/customers. It looks like a smart team but the team is really short, they should consider adding more to it also the advisory board is an average competent one.

Rated on 2018-10-11

ICO Milestones

October, 2018

Intrachain UI & ERP

July, 2018

Local Database & Intrachain API

May, 2018

Intrachain Engine

March, 2018

Intrachain Server Adapter

January, 2018

Intrachain Server Capture Engine

November, 2017

Intrachain founded Process Mining Engine & Capture Data Model