Transforming Digital Money Into Real Goods


Start: 2019-01-10 | End: 2019-04-10

JOYS is a blockchain platform based on Ethereum that transforms money into real life products. It is a service of legal payments for goods and services in all cryptocurrency. Joys represents an open global blockchain platform that allows adding nearly any cryptocurrencies and tokens as a mean of payment. Many companies use blockchain for crypto-money payments in many fields from inter-bank transactions to personnel p2p payments. Market analysis proves that Joys is a unique cryptocurrency project because of its wide application. This platform issues its own ERC-20 token (JOYS). JOYS connect blockchain projects to the platform and provide integration with POS systems at sales points. This saves project teams that would like their cryptocurrency or tokens to be accepted in stores eliminates the trouble of complex, time-consuming and costly integration with POS systems. It designs Joys as a tool of convergence between the conventional monetary system and the new blockchain-based system to boost economy effectiveness. We expand the application of cryptocurrency of any blockchain project at retail stores and service companies; this way, we involve classical retail into blockchain community and add value to both cryptocurrencies in general and currencies of projects connected to Joys independently.


Andrey Mikhaylishin


Sergey Zhdanov

CTO, Back-end Developer

Vladimir Tolmachev

CVO, Payment System

Alexander Shamyan

CCO, Investor Relations

Ivan Krechetov


Anna Genergart

Director Of Integration In Software

Sergey Manenkov

Business Analyst

Lev Shemetov

Head Of Partner Communications

Nikolay Smirnov

Project Manager

Mikhail Ivanov

Safety Specialist

Sergey Berlinsky


Mikhail Gulev

Back-end Developer

Victor Kuznetsov

Front-End Developer

Alexey Zhdanov


Inna Churkina


Vladislav Gavriluk


Ruslan Konovalov

Head of Sales Department

Stanislav Lesnikov

Project Manager

Vyacheslav Tretyakov

Integration Department Specialist

Nikolay Ziborov


Andrey Grachev

Managing Partner

Vladimir Perov


Maria Agranovskaya


Roman Meister


Maxim Gladkov


Johannes Gugl

CEO & Co-Founder Blocksmatter

Jonathan Fianu

Director at PredictX

William Bryant

Director at Amex

Sergey Krassiy

International relations

Rustam Ergashev

Project Manager

Irfan Parvez

Managing Director at the CF Group


Hakaru Daiji

It can be of good use what this platform is offering since the market for the blockchain is developing every day and many newcomers are here in this industry already. The services that this platform is offering look very good. Also, the services they are providing looks very effective as well. It has a very good team and it is a very comprehensive one as well. The advisory board is also a strong team.

Rated on 2018-11-16

ICO Milestones

December 2018

Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS North America

November 2018

Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS Latin America

October 2018

Integration API Joys v2.0 in POS South-East Asia

September 2018

Integration of API Joy’s v2.0 into POS EEC.

August 2018

Integration of API Joys v2.0 into POS Russia and CIS

July 2018

JOYS will be displayed on the stock-exchange Development of marketing mechanics

April 2018

Wallet v2.0 Joys

February 2018

API Joys v2.0 development (dynamic QR)

January 2018

Application Reticule for minors of the cryptocurrency JOYS Pool for JOYS crypto currency miners ( JOYS Investor's Office JOYS application for cloud POS Evotor

December 2017

Wallet v1.0 Joys miniPOS Joys for smartphones

November 2017

Integration of API Joys v1.5 into POS

September 2017

API Joys v1.5 development (static QR) Integration of the first project with Joys (Rate & Goods)

August 2017

T3 development for the creation of Joys system Development of crypto-cluster