A Blockchain Platform for Real World Transactions

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Start: 2018-10-10 | End: 2019-11-10

Knowchain is a blockchain that uses Ethereum and has a decentralized platform which is designed for the real world transactions. The idea behind this platform is providing solutions to the cryptocurrency trust issues. This platform is fast and convenient. It uses the smart contract-system and additional Information attached on-chain to process the transactions. Being 3rd generation blockchain, Knowchain tries to unify the crypto world by connecting thousands of blockchains together and connect them to the real world. This platform issues ERC-20 based Tokens (KNOW). It is a platform to close the gap between the crypto world and the real world. Knowchain is a two-layered blockchain platform that powers decentralized applications and real-world transactions. “Know layer” stores value transferring transactions of “Know” units and it is governed by delegates system following “Delegated Proof of Stake” consensus. “Ano layer” stores information as Smart Contracts and real-world data as “Ano” units. It is governed by the Ultra-nodes and Service Ultra-nodes system following Proof of Authority” consensuses. Traditional applications require users to a tradeoff between their privacy and utilities. Users lose their data to social networks to get the best contents and services advertised to them. It can be solved by Knowchain, it allows people to control their own privacy and monetize their own data if they want.


Patrick Chua


Gee Ong


Anh Nguyen


Hoa Nguyen


The Tran

Lead Blockchain

Than Pham

Lead Blockchain

Khoa Vo

Lead Smart Contract

Trung Nguyen

Blockchain Developer

Viet Phung

Back-end Developer

Nam Nguyen

Front-End Developer

Iwona Pytlowska

Marketing Team

Emma Ravenaux

Marketing Team

Roxana Salazar

Design Team


Amelia Benjamin

Nothing is new about it, same as other blockchain platforms. There are so many similar projects and platforms working in this sector. The use of this kind of service is not properly defined in it. Not sure what good can it produce out of it. It is good that this platform is trying to identify the current problems that blockchain faces and they are trying to provide a solution to it but this market is still not much mature. The features seem good but it is kind of complex stuff and should make these things easy to understand. It has a good young team and a comprehensive one, they should add some experienced members to it.

Rated on 2018-10-08

ICO Milestones

July 2019

Knowchain Mainnet: Swap to Knowchain native unit - KNOW

May 2019

Public Testnet for Knowchain. Start of Delegates voting.

March 2019

Know Virtual Machine and Smart Contract system integration into Knowchain. Start of the Knowchain Ultranodes program.

January 2019

Integration of Know layer and Ano layer. Start of the Knowchain Delegates program

November 2018

Devnet for Ano layer will be released.

September 2018

Public Testnet for Know layer will be release.

July 2018

Start of the Private Sale. Devnet for Know layer will be released.

March 2018

Whitepaper v1.0 is officially released. Knowchain is to bring blockchain technology to real world use cases.

January 2018

Architect designing: 2-layered blockchain - Ano layer and Know layer.