Creating Real Life Experiences


Start: 2018-10-19 | End: 2018-11-02

Kuende is a concept of creating a social network by using gamified challenges and blockchain technology. Their aim is to create a network that encourages dynamic, evolving and socially engaged communities that gather in the real world to share their specific interests in rewarding and fun ways. Kuende's mission is to become the first hybrid online-offline social media platform that creates as much human interaction in real life as it does digitally. Gamified challenges will actively encourage people in all stages of their Kuende experience to engage in activities that lead to real-life interactions and relationships. Most challenges will involve a physical location and an action or actions to be taken at that location. Every challenge is created in such a way that users receive entertainment from the experience, hence it is termed as “Gamified”.


Rana Chakrabarti


George Bunea

CEO IPSX - Advisor

Andrei Avadanei


Dragos Stanca


Dean Karakitsos


Fadi Bishara


Thomas Bangert


Aurel Iancu

Cosmos Validator - Advisor

Pavel Antohe

CEO & Founder

Dan Tudor

CFO & Co-founder

Teodor Pripoae

CTO & Co-founder

Mihnea Rafailescu

CDO & Co-founder

Alexandru Tache

Senior Software Engineer

Razvan Carstea

Lead Mobile Developer

Cosmin Rusu

Senior Software Engineer

Adrian Bogatu

Backend Developer

Alisa Laza

Full-stack Mobile Developer

Andrei Dumitra

Backend Developer

Andrei Florea

Full-stack Mobile Developer

Andrei Gherghe

Full-stack Mobile Developer

Armando Ducan

Content Curator & Tester

Andy Biro

Lead Designer

Claudiu Cismaru

Backend Developer

Eugen Dorin

Lead Frontend Developer

Felicia Popa

Social Media Specialist

Fredi Radu

Community Manager

Marian Tarlungeanu

Frontend Developer

Mihai Mucenica

Content Curator & Tester

Stefan Florescu

Full-stack Developer

Vlad Platon

Backend Developer

Bogdan Zlate

Full-stack Developer


Alex Adrian

Kuende is a very interesting and unique idea/concept in the social networking world. If properly executed and marketed, it can grow into a huge business and success. The concept is acknowledged by many people these days, which can be the reason for the growth. There is a great interest in what this platform offers. It uses the blockchain technology to make gamified challenges in a real life social interaction. This platform has also highlighted one of the most growing social problems of social engagement online and not socializing in real life. This platform has tried to provide a solution for this issue and came up with an innovative idea of initiating more interactions by limiting the isolation of users on the platform from the real world. I really like the motto of this platform “To be real again”. It is really a strong message. In addition to that, I also really like the user-interface and structure of their website, for instance the color-scheme is very appealing for the eye and instantly grabs your attention. The availability of this product/platform is already a huge success on Google-play and has impressive ratings on it too, which is a very good sign for its development in future and it has multiple revenue sources. Kuende has a strong and experienced team with members from different sectors, the team consists of Entrepreneurs, business developers, software developers, web designers and mobile developers.

Rated on 2018-09-11

ICO Milestones


API for Challenge Creator. Kshop (Digital Goods). Business Profiles. Sponsored Challenges. Ad related mechanism. AR Challenges. 50.000.000 Kuende Users.

2019 - Q3-4

Influencer Profile. Group Challenges. Live Stream. Third Kuende Game. 10.000.000 Kuende Users.

2019 - Q1-Q2

Kshop (In-app Purchases & Donations). Interest Based Groups. Second Kuende Game. 3.000.000 Kuende Users.

2018 - Q4

Smart Algorithm for Challenge Suggestions. Check-in Feature. First Kuende Game. Encrypted Messages. 500.000 Kuende Users.

2018 - Q3

Integrate with Civic (for KYC Procedures). Deposit Kuende Tokens into the Platform. Anti Fraud Mechanism. Start generating Kuende Points. Badging & Reputation System. Tip Content Creators.

2018 - Q2

Create, Participate & Vote Challenges. Challenge Feed. GDPR Full Compliance. Security Audit. Redesign Web & Mobile Interface. Launched ICO.

2018 - Q1

Challenge Framework. 54.000+ Users. 20.000+ App Downloads.


Launched the mobile apps. Launched Kuende.com (Beta Version). Web & Mobile Security Audit. Prepare ICO.


Seed Investment - $2.500.000. Mobile apps for iOS & Android. Implemented Gamification.


Pre-seed Investment - $120.000. Kuende.com (Alpha & Closed Beta Versions)