New Level Of Freedom For Economic Transactions


Start: 2018-08-27 | End: 2018-09-10

Kvantor is a platform that raises your deals to a whole new level and provides freedom from relations between economic entities by going beyond traditional payment channels and eliminating intermediaries. It is a blockchain platform for international B2B settlements that ensures the freedom of economic transactions. It is truly a decentralized mutual settlement system with no external control, intermediaries and restrictions. The platform is designed to make the transaction process more quicker, simpler and reliable. And can carry out upto 50,000 transactions per second, charging a commision of only 0.001 USD per transaction. Kventor provides the option of direct settlements with contractors in national currencies, a convenient marketplace with automatic execution of transactions, complementary services, usage of financial instruments and much more. Kventor uses the Ethereum blockchain and issues ERC-20 Tokens (KVT).


George Han


Naviin Kapoor


Arsen Bakhshiyan


Mikhail Chekanov

Product Development

Stas Sorokin


Aleksey Losev


Valentin Esipov


Ivan Anisimov

Business Development (EMEA region)

Elena Kartseva

Business Development (CIS region) LinkedIn

Alexandr Bishnev

Business Development (Eastern Europe)

Artem Timonin


Alexander Vasilyev

Business Development

Nikita Zuev

Financial Analyst

Vitlaliy Levashov

Back-end developer

Tatyana Gudyma

Frontend developer

Kseniia Fedosova

Project Administrator

Stanislav Drozdov

IT Support

Pavel Shalaginov

IT Support

Oussama Elbazy

Business Development Manager (North Africa)

Oxana Dubois-dit-Bonclaude

Director Business Developer for DACH and Benelux

Kirsten Roy-Reid

Business development Manager (APAC)

Murat Kurbanov

Product Designer

Maxim Savichev

QA engineer

Vladimir Stepanov

Lead developer

Koutaiba Daboul

Business Development (UAE)


Darryl Cheng

The good thing about this platform is that it provides a number of different services to businesses/companies, banks and also government organisations. The element of facilitating users is the unique selling point of it and they are promoting this factor. Next to that they are using the freedom concept for the economic transactions. So, basically this platform is implementing the decentralization concept. Although they used various ideas for developing this platform with their target audience in mind, Kvantor should work more on their website interface to make it easier for their audience to understand the product and make it more approachable. Overall, the idea of the business is good and should be marketed effectively. It will take time, of course, for them to develop the market for their services, but there definitely is much potential in it. It could become a good performing platform in the near future. The document available on the website is comprehensive and complete, it can give a better understanding of this platform to the clients. They have some experts of the IT industry in their team, very competitive and every experienced.

Rated on 2018-09-11

ICO Milestones

Q3 2020

Commercial version of Services of Exchange Trade is released. First contracts for the provision of Services of Exchange Trade are signed.

Q2 2020

Beta of Services of Exchange Trade is released

Q1 2020

Commercial version of Bank Services Package is released. First contracts for the provision of Bank Services (from the Bank Services Package) are signed. Consortium of Clients with the aim of getting customer feedback and facilitating strategic planning for the development of the platform is formed.

Q4, 2019

Regional key clients are defined. Beta of Services of Exchange Trade is released. Commercial version of Bank Services Package is released.

Q3 2019

Beta of Bank Services Package is released

Q2 2019

First contracts for the provision of Interbank Settlement Service are signed

Q1 2019

Commercial version of Interbank Settlement Service is released. Agreements with strategic regional partners are sealed. Support infrastructure is formed.

Q4 2018

The key regional partners for the platform’s promotion have been identified. The Beta-version of «Interbank transfers» functionality has been released.

Q3 2018

Team formation completed. The key technology partners are identified. The technological and methodological basis of the developing platform have been finalized.

Q2 2018

The selection of higher- and middle management has been completed, the backbone of the development- and sales teams has been formed.