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Start: 2018-10-01 | End: 2018-10-31

Land Layby is a platform leveraging on the blockchain technology, Land Layby is building a trusted shared distributed ledger for recording land buying and selling transactions that can never be altered, corrupted, forged or replicated in error. Land buyers all over the world face land acquisition challenges from the lack of reliable information about the land, they are interested in acquiring. Land detail entered on the LL platform is secured through smart contracts. Access to the platform will be granted through the ERC-20 Token (HRBE). LL application of blockchain technology to decentralize our land option ledger, mirror the government’s land registry and initiate the adoption of a decentralized ledger for the African land registry system will be a strong gain for the economy. It works on the Ethereum based blockchain. It will resurrect dead capital, facilitate economic development, and encourage sustainable investment. It will enhance land ownership rights and formalize land information that has been held in the minds of a chosen few in many communities throughout the continent. It is bound to affect all industries associated with the purchase, sale, and use of land; including the resources beneath, or on the surface.


Aden Aliakberov

PR and marketing, bounty campaign

Kenji Yamanami

In charge of market strategy、Operational support

Kazuhisa Adachi

Ex-Board Of Directors, COO of LANCERS Inc.

David Njuguna


Victor Asoyo


Eric Kinyungu


Kimani Ndungu


Daisy Munene


David Coleman


Bogdan Fiedur


Peter Tole

CIO & Founder

Phyllis Tole

CFO & Co-Founder

Lucy Muthoni

Chief Quantitative Analyst

Purushottam Parashar


Raymond Kaniu


Pravin Tambe

Project Manager

Vijayta Bhatt

Lead Blockchain Developer

Priyanka Pareek

Blockchain Analyst

Daniel Kagwi

ICT Officer

Gideon Ng'etich

Blockchain Business Development Executive

Janephoebe Awuor


Lewis Karanja

Brand Manager

Lucy Maina


Linda Kilwake

Customer Relationship Manager

Maria Ruchiu

Operations and Logistics assistant

Isaac Dzakpata


Jeff Opoku

GIS Officer

Sylvester Se-edzi

Sales & Marketing

Victoria Aidoo

Data Analyst


Darryl Cheng

The industry which this platform has targeted is very significant and really interesting. Land Layby is giving solution to one of the biggest global problem. There are so many issues that arise because of this very specific problem. Tokenizing and connecting the industry of real estate with the blockchain technology is a very good idea because this way so many disputes can be avoided. The business model is good and has so much potential and if executed well can grab the whole market. But I think the amount of tokens sold for yet is very less and should be increased with time. This project can eliminate all the land mafias around the world and can results in justice and giving people their proper rights. The token price is very reasonable and affordable. Suing smart contracts gives an edge. The website is good and can be improved on the color-scheme part. The team looks very experienced and talented in this sector and also it is a very dynamic and comprehensive team. Also they have different teams for different countries in part which is very good.

Rated on 2018-09-24

ICO Milestones

May 2020

Global Scaling

November 2019

Beta version Open to the Community Advanced features

May 2019

Alpha version Core features

December 2018

Recruitment of additional blockchain Engineers. Rapid Development. Development of Multiple jurisdiction processes.

October 2018

Token Main Distribution Event

September 2018

PreSale Token Distribution Land Listing Platform & incorporation of Ethereum Smart contracts

March 2018

MVP Deployment

September 2017

Incorporation of Blockchain & Development of MVP

August 2017

ISO Certification

October 2016

Subsidiary offices for distribution of offshore land products that are located in Developing Countries.

September 2014

The Sale of Land through Land Options commences in Kenya