Knowledge Sharing of Cyber Security

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Start: 2019-01-01 | End: 2019-12-31

The LAOCON PLATFORM will help provide a blockchain technology enabled version of a bug bounty program. An application developer (whether enterprise or individual) would upload their web service or application onto the platform with a reward (LAO tokens) that incentivize white hat hackers to conduct security tests. White hat hacker(s) that succeed would provide a report on the LAOCON platform, documenting the vulnerabilities of the web service/application. The developer may decide to view the report by distributing the reward. The aim of this project is to construct a platform to solve the three issues facing cyber-security. 1. Rising complexity and costs. 2. Vicious cycle caused by the accumulation of cyber knowledge. 3. cyber-security personal shortage. It uses the blockchain technology based on Ethereum and issues the ERC-20 tokens (LC). Although there are the economic disparities between nations, some countries which hardly have economic strength pay attention to the cyber security in their own countries. The effort for cybersecurity varies in even developed countries due to lack of social and legal foundations. The variation will be enhanced by the inefficiently devoted resource.


Dongying Li


Taiki Higashi


Kimito Hori


Takaomi Uematsu


Vladimir Nikitin


Nikolay Shkilev


Jason Hung



Albert Thomas

The service providing part of this project is good but the incentive giving part of it might not work in a very successful manner. The solutions it is providing are very real. Laocon has some really good stats about their market and it is going to help them a lot. This platform has a very serious focus on the decentralization. The roadmap of this platform looks pretty good and it is very clear. The team looks pretty balanced and it has both experienced and young team members. Overall it is an average project and is at very initial stages, still need to go long way down.

Rated on 2018-11-16

ICO Milestones

2019 June.

- Listing on exchange - Launch of LAOCON Platform system (product version) - LC token distribution

2019 April.

- Commencement of LAOCON Platform System

2019 March

- Total sales target: $100 million - Total sales period: 5 month - Preparation of listing on exchange

2019 February. Public Sales.

Start of LC Token Sales <> - Sales target:$ 20 million - Sales period:1 month Commencement of LAOCON Platform system (product version) - development << UI & system design>>

2018 December

- Launch of LAOCON Platform system (β version). - Publication of whitepaper (Final edition).

2018 October.

Start of LC Token Sales <> - Sales target :$ 50 million - Sales period:3 month Commencement of LAOCON Platform system(β version) development - <>

2018 September.

〇 Commencement of LAOCON Platform system(β version) development   <> 〇 Publication of whitepaper(2nd edition)

2018 Aug

- Issuing a token as “LC token” - Publication of LP - Publication of whitepaper (1st edition) - Commencement of LAOCON Platform system(β version) development    <>

2018 Apr.

- Market research & business basic Research - Establishment of business structure & project team