Life Charity

Decentralized Charity Platform


Start: 2018-11-17 | End: 2019-01-17

Life Charity is a decentralized charity platform based on Ethereum. It is the first charity network based on the blockchain. This platform will allow people to choose any charitable foundation and donate their digital assets to it. The platform will have a direct partner system which will allow charitable foundations directly receive people's donations. It will be issuing its own ERC-20 token (LFT). This platform will be the first and most qualitative charity-aimed product on the cryptocurrency market. With the 'LIFE Charity platform', consumers will be able to choose any available non-profit foundation and donate any amount of Ethereum tokens to it. As a reward, every participant will get “LFT” that can be sold on any available exchange or stored on an ERC-20 wallet. Life Charity Project will take a niche of social projects and create a direct connection between blockchain and charitable giving. Life Charity’s product is one of the first on cryptocurrency market with this kind of concept and way of implementation. Potential ROI for user’s investment will be at the level of 100%. Its financial development team would provide listings on the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges and attract the largest investors.


Arman Shirinyan

Business and strategic development

Daria Zayvenko

Legal Expert

Yury Kukhalsky

Senior Marketing manager

Ilya Ushakov

Art director

Valeryia Kandrashova

Charity Expert


Alex Adrian

The platform’s offering is very basic and nothing very special or extraordinary about it. For sure the cause is good and real but from investor’s point of view, it is a very weak ICO. There are a huge number of people who actively contribute to the charity industry but still, it is not big enough to create such a platform for it. The token distribution model needs to be improved, the proportions given to the partner's section is high and it should be revised. The team is very young and lacks experience. Also, the team is very weak from a specialization point of view. Overall it is a below average platform.

Rated on 2018-11-29

ICO Milestones

Q1 2019

Full launch of Life Charity donation platform and Life Ecosystem.

Q3 2018

Marketing Campaigns and ICO.

Q2 2018

Creation of website and social media. Final tests before ICO.

Q1 2018

Whitepaper development and governance regulations.

Q3 2017

Formation of Life Charity team.

Q2 2017

Idea and governance development.