The Multimedia Social Network


Start: 2018-12-03 | End: 2018-12-23

Litenett is a blockchain social media network platform based on Ethereum. Currently, the use of cryptocurrency is mainly used within the crypto community. But it is still alien to the mass consumer and does not play a role in their daily needs. The market is waiting for a simple and convenient solution that will optimally overcome the obstacles preventing the wide use of cryptocurrency. Multimedia platform Litenett will lessen these obstacles and consider the interests of all users. is both a social network and a large media resource with its own payment system. The service rewards active user behaviour and allows the use of social communication channels to promote goods and services. Litenett’s mission is to make cryptocurrency interesting and accessible to every user and business community. Its monetization model covers such areas as Music, Radio, Podcasts, Cinema, Video, and has a platform for people's diverse communication with the ability to create personal pages, groups, videos and micro-blogs. In order to attract to small and also the largest media market players, Litenett has created an opportunity to manage their own products for music companies, cinema networks, radio stations and event companies. It will be issuing its own ERC-20 tokens (LNT).


Alexej Karpov

CEO - Lead Engineer & Founder

Waldemar Degner

Analyst and marketer

Elena Degner

Financial Analyst and Advisor

Lilia Bauer

Content manager & contacts with customers

Vladimir Dzyubanov

Lead developer & Project developer

Alexey Seleznev

Web Designer & Project developer

Albina Chernozhukova

Frontend developer

Karpov Vitalij

Java developer & system administrator

Aleksandr Onikienko

Marketing AdvisorICO

Jan Schets

ICO Advisor

Veljko Richling

Business Development Consultant


Hakaru Daiji

The concept of this project is not very clear and not very easy to understand. There still needs a lot of improvement in the business model of this project so for that users and investors can get ease in understanding it. The main task of the project sounds good but also the execution of that is not very easy and seems unreal. The benefits or the features of this platform are averagely good and offers same as any other blockchain platform. The token distribution model is very good but they still have margin in that token sale proportion they can reduce it a little if they want. The company’s roadmap is fair enough. It has a very balanced and decent team, very specialized and experienced but it is not an extensive team.

Rated on 2018-11-29

ICO Milestones

Q1 2019

Network scaling for millions of users; Launching of a new Blockchain and platform transition to new payment system; Obtaining of banking license for legal financial transactions in cryptomarket; Exchanging of tokens for new digital cryptocurrency; Integrating of new digital coins with stock exchanges.

Q4 2018

Launching of social network Litenett; Launching of mobile application for Android and iOS; Work on improving platform functionality; Testing of cryptocurrency wallet; Testing of payment system; Extensive marketing campaign.

Q3 2018

Developing of automatic advertising system; Testing of a new database; Testing of creating an online shop functionality; Launching and testing Friends section; Combining of all sections and testing of platform; Working on bugs and correcting errors; Testing of mobile application for Android and iOS.

Q2 2018

Increase in personnel; Extesive work on all sections of portal; Work on monetization system (encouraging users through advertising); Launching and testing all languages; Designing payment system and creating a next-generation Blockchain.

Q1 2018

Start of work on ICO implementation; Preparation and implementation of Pre-ICO; Preparation and implementation of ICO.

Q4 2017

Launching and testing chat, correcting bugs; Testing functionality of groups creating; Launching functionality of user verification; Developing "Marketplace" functionality and ability to create an online shop.

Q3 2017

Testing and elaborating mobile version; Ability to upload and send photos, videos and music.

Q2 2017

Designing mobile application for Android and iOS.

Q1 2017

Testing and launching functionality for companies - content management.

Q4 2016

Development of portal mobile version.

Q3 2016

Dashboards for users and companies are launched.

Q4 2014

Testing and working on errors; Changing the project structure; Designing a social network; Start of developing new functionality.

Q3 2014

The main music portal MVP is launched.

Q1 2013

Start of work on the project.