Market For Data Analysis


Start: 2018-09-01 | End: 2018-10-31

Our daily life is becoming more and more digital, data is without any doubt one of the most valuable resources but seems like only big corporations can make any use of it by leaving the data producers behind without any control of or any profit from one of the most valuable assets. Data markets of the future are smart, we will be able to secure and manage our data with a convenience of a switch. While creating a large amount of data the new technology will enable us to monitor and encrypt our digital property. Madana aims to create the world’s biggest decentralized pool of information. The combined good of the data can contribute to the greater good of science and society. Anyone can utilize the data to get any specific analysis result and the privacy will be protected by Madana. It works on the Ethereum based blockchain technology and issues the ERC-20 Token (PAX). When the analysis buyer gets the result, the actual data is never copied unauthorized. Madana works in a way whenever someone requests for analysis result, Madana network connects matching analysis programs and data set into a protected analysis environment. After the process is finished the buyer gets the requested information.


Max Kordek


Oliver Grün


Malte Brettel


Marc Reinhardt


Steffen Hauptmann


Hans-Dieter Jostarndt


Christian Junger

CEO & Co-founder

J.-Fabian Wenisch

CTO & Co-Founder

Julian Schiemann

Head of Marketing

Nicolas Pettican

Head of Development

Eugen Salkutzan

Community Manager

Yan Schreier

Strategy & Marketing

Stefan Lockowandt

Strategy & Organization

Martin Picard

Business Development

Mark Georg

Business Development


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ICO Milestones

2019 Q1 - Pilot project with B2B partners

To showcase the MADANA platform, we will start developing a pilot project after the ICO.

2018 Q3 - MADANA Community Hub

We are developing a WebApp for our Community. The Community Hub is the first iteration of a future home for our ecosystem participants.

2018 Q3 – Whitelisting and Presale

For investing, a KYC process is legally required. Afterwards, we will provide you with a referral link to get rewarded when you invite your friends. The presale will be limited to a certain minimum investment and enable a limited number of businesses and investors to get in.

2018 August – Tokenomics Paper

Read what the PAX token does, understand why we need the blockchain and get a holistic view of our Token Economy.

2018 May - Consensus Conference

We presented MADANA at the Consensus NYC me with blockchain pioneers and early bitcoin investors such as Tim Draper.

2018 March - Partnership with Capgemini

Overcoming legal challenges is hard but necessary to build a sustainable business for the long term. We are officially approved and regulated by the German BaFin.

2018 March - Patent pending

We think hard work should pay of. Filing a patent is the way to legally protect our idea from being stolen by copycats.

2018 Febuary - Announcing 1st ICO on the Lisk Blockchain

We are convinced of the usability of the Lisk sidechain technology. As the first major ICO on Lisk, we work closely together.