Medical Cannabis

Medical Revolution for Well-being of Humanity


Start: 2018-08-31 | End: 2018-09-30

Medical Cannabis is a platform with the aim of medical revolution for the well-being of humanity. Its idealogy revolves around working on the innovation driven medical technology using Cannabis for treatment of Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Epilepsy, HIV/AIDS, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and other chronic diseases. Medical Cannabis through its Medical Research Institute has successfully modified & re-engineered the Cannabis plant. The genetically modified plant enhances properties of the Cannabis to be used for medical purpose. It uses the Ethereum blockchain and issues the ERC-20 Token (MCC). The company offers revenue sharing to MCC’s coin holders on a monthly basis and also dividend on quarterly basis. Medical Cannabis will generously provide 1 free listed share for participants holding 1000 MCC tokens bought during Pre-ICO period once the company is listed on NASDAQ or London Stock Exchange. Referral commissions of 5% will be distributed via smart contract to holders of Medical Cannabis (MCC) coins. Pre-ICO discount of 30% for MCan coins. Medical Cannabis firmly believes in Capital Appreciation of the MCan coins (ICO).


Chandra Sekar


Avtar Chagger


Yossee Attias


Marta Mróz

Executive Director

Agnieszka Wieczorek

Blockchain Developer


Dylan Pieter

The idea of using blockchain technology in the medical industry is good but their business model is very simple and too straight-forward, there should be some extra benefits and attractions for the users. The idea of using cannabis for the cure of Cancer seems good. The company will have to do effective marketing in order to gain the user’s trust. The website is good and contains a sufficient amount of information, which is relevant as well. The revenue sharing model is good and will attract somewhat customers but it can be improved. The coin price is fair enough and reasonable, I think the minimum amount of owning coins should be decreased from 150. There are some really good statistics available on the website. The team is very small and consists of a couple of experience persons other than that most of it seems to be young talent, but the team is really small and I think they should add some more experienced and competitive human resource.

Rated on 2018-09-18

ICO Milestones


IPO (Initial Public Offering in major Global Exchanges) NASDAQ, London Stock Exchange (LSE). Further expansion & Global dominance Aggressive marketing in current markets to 8 more new countries in 2 years. Expansion of Manufacturing Facilities in few countries. Blockchain era continues……


Aggressive expansion to 13 new countries Expansion to new verticals, concrete plans set and teams ready to expand to 13 countries in 2 years.


Strategic Alliance with companies to produce MCan Products Establishment of pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities Production of MCan cultivation Begins Adding more and the very best Consultants, Doctors and Scientists. Medical Cannabis harvest All Production of MCan Products Begins


Project Conceptualization Started Corporation with various blockchain specialist, advisors to form strategic alliance Form Strategic Alliance with other Medical Cannabis Research and Cultivation companies ICO - Pre-Sale & Institutional Sale Pre- ICO 10% & ICO 50% of the coins will be distributed to expand EIMCR Form strategic alliance with R&D departments in Universities in the area Finalise discussions with Governmental figures