A 24-hour Broadcasting Platform


Start: 2018-11-22 | End: 2019-02-09

Nodvix is the world's first 24-hour video broadcasting platform which is built on the blockchain based on Ethereum. It is highly resistant to censorship, self-regulates content and provides an honest division of income to all participants. It also issues its own ERC-20 token (NDVX). It is designed to display interesting and relevant video content specific to a user's interests. Nodvix is a self-regulating, open to all, real-time, video content platform that is able to minimize the restrictions found within the current $1.7 trillion broadcasting market. It provides a decentralized blockchain-powered solution with the potential to profoundly change the digital broadcasting world for content makers, advertisers, and viewers alike. The absence of KYC, governmental censorship and ease of entry for new content-makers create a unique environment for real freedom of speech. Traditional networks charge on average $394,000 per 30 seconds of media. Nodvix costs a fraction of what the market demands while benefiting advertisers by sponsoring content relevant to their business or product


Artem Dengin


Dmitriy Nikitin


Ryan Redmond


Valeriya Okuneva


Vitalina Dengina


Denis Salangin



Albert Thomas

The concept of this platform is very interesting and it will be very interactive which makes it a strong platform because the world nowadays is all about such features. The idea of it is very nice, the features and the business model it has is very exciting and appealing to the users. The success of this platform will totally be based on the quality of content that it will generate and share as well as the type of market it will be targeting. The hard cap and soft cap amounts are very reasonable. The team is small but it is quite bit a decent team and pretty competent as well.

Rated on 2018-12-07

ICO Milestones

Q2 2020

Digital broadcasting - NODVIX content released to standard broadcasting frequencies.

Q3 2019

Full working version of the NODVIX platform; More than 5 thematic TV channels filled with content.

Q1-Q2 2019

The first working application for windows, android, and mac; First payments to content-makers.

Q1 2019

Registration of NODVIX legal entity.

Q4 2018

Smart contract testing; Platform demo released PRE-ICO and ICO.

Q3 2018

Preparation for PRE-ICO and ICO.

Q2 2018

Recruiting a well-rounded team.

Q1 2018

Market overview, analysis, and information gathering.