Distributed Cybersecurity for IoT


Start: 2018-12-10 | End: 2018-01-10

Novam is a distributed cyber-security platform for IoT. It uses distributed ledger technology and AI to automatically monitor and mitigate IOT threats from the secure boot chain, operating system, mobile application and network. This platform uses the blockchain technology based on Ethereum and issues ERC-20 token (MNVM). Cybercrime is anything but new. And as it is an increasingly fertile industry, today’s cybercriminals have become as seasoned, savvy and as professional as the businesses and organizations they attack – if not more so. Now more than ever, an out-of-the-box product, service or solution is needed. NOVAM also provides auditing & regulatory compliance integration to threat monitoring and detection services to ensure system events are included on an immutable distributed ledger. NOVAM is the first Artificial Intelligence driven cyber-security program utilizing DLT to increase the accuracy of its health check. NOVAM not only finds anomalies but also fixes them to boost your tech-immunity system, and even removes threats without prior knowledge of existing danger. Using machine learning and probabilistic mathematics, we plan to offer a security the system that is ever-alert, always present and device agnostic.


Adam Perschke

Chief Executive Officer

Ian Perschke

Head Enterprise Architect

Brooks McMillin

Head of Security Operations

Ty Bartholomew

Head of Marketing

Christian Schnedler



Dylan Pieter

From technology usage point of view, it is a very good platform with some really interesting digital technologies being used. The services that this platform offers are really nice and very problem solving. The only issue I think with this platform is that it is very complex from its processes and features aspect, so for investors and users, it will be a tough job to make them properly understand what they do. The team looks specialized. They are young, exciting and competent.

Rated on 2018-11-29

ICO Milestones


Q1 - AI network NOVAM TestNet, beta health check TestNet Q2 - Rapid expansion to new markets Q3 - AI Productization, Health Check Productization Q4 - Marketing increase for new partnerships and clients


Q1 - AI R&D, system health check private testing, additional partnerships, job openings Q2 - NOVAM TestNet, AI network development, system health check TestNet private partner testing, job openings Q3 - API build out, Analytics platform build starts Q4 - Analytics platform and API testing with NOVAM TestNet


Q1 - Market research, Whitepaper creation Q2 - R&D, Marketing prep, Advisor consultations, Legal Q3 - Pre-Sale & Public Token Sale prep, Legal, Marketing campaign Q4 - Build team, system health check development, bootloader development


Q3 - Ideation & Research Q4 - Market research with IoT manufacturers