Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure


Start: 2018-12-05 | End: 2019-02-05

Optherium is a global finance blockchain infrastructure; it is a global Fintech company and member of the Linux, Hyperledger, and Crypto Valley Foundations. It is fully licensed in the European Union for a fiat-to-crypto and crypto-to-fiat digital currency exchange and eWallet services. Optherium’s mission is to create the Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure that is accessible to all financial institutions, corporations and individual users. It works on the blockchain technology based on Ethereum and issues its own ERC-20 token (OPEX). Instead of relying on a third party to mediate transactions, member nodes in a blockchain network use a consensus protocol to agree on ledger content and cryptographic hashes, as well as digital signatures, to ensure the integrity of transactions. A decentralized, peer-to-peer blockchain network prevents any single participant (or group of participants) from controlling the underlying infrastructure or undermining the entire system. Network peers are all equal and adhere to the same protocols regardless of their individual statuses. At its core, the system records the chronological order of transactions when all nodes agree to the validity of those transactions using the chosen consensus model. The result is irreversible and decentralized record, agreed to by all members of the network.


Sreekanth Mangulam

President at Surya Financial Systems

Jeff Ramson

Founder & CEO, PCG Advisory

Shaun Dindial

General Partner at Crypto Global Capital

Stephen Drew

Partner, Crypto Global Capital, LP

Max Smetannikov


Sebastien Lapedra

Quantitative investment manager

Julia della scala

Music industry should be decentralized

Emaad Reza

Marketing Executive

Serge Beck

Founder & CEO

Roman Kaganov

Chief Technology Officer

Rajvelu Dharmaraj

Chief Operating Officer

Morty Lempel

Director of Business Development

Bunty Aragwal

Chief Financial Officer

Ari Zoldan

Chief Marketing Officer

Evgeniy Nikishov

Chief Software Architect

Vasiliy Gavrilovich

VP Software Development

Pavel Shalamkov

Frontend Teamlead

Jonathan Meiner

Research Analyst

Dmitry Pugachev

Blockchain Software Engineer

Evgeny Kuzin

DevOps and Security Officer

Constantine Savchenkov

Blockchain Software Engineer

Yuriy Petrichenko

Mobile Engineer

Max Kardanets

Full-Stack Developer

Alex Protasov

QA Automation Engineer

Elena Protasova

QA Engineer

Iryna Pleskach


Yaroslav Bosenko

Product Designer

Priadko Lgor


Dmitry Dimenko

Marketing and Brand Consultant

Liliya Soldatova

Community Manager

Kirill Rusanov


Valentin Savchenko

Head of PPC

Adam Uzialko


Aleksandra Ostroukh

PR Manager

Anna Nesterova

Email Marketing Manager

Dmytro Rodak

Analyst and PPC manager

Kate Kaverznaya

SMM Manager

Kate Vasylenko

PR Lead

Vladislav Pustovalov

PPC Manager


Amelia Benjamin

There is nothing much different in it which makes it similar to other such platforms. The features that it offers are not very extraordinary and do not have any very significant utility. The soft cap amount is very high and it does not make sense. The roadmap is pretty interesting and clear. The marketing of this platform is really good and the message is conveyed in a very effective communication. The team is very strong which is experienced and specialized as well.

Rated on 2018-11-29

ICO Milestones

Q4 2019

MultiDecentralized Operating System.

Q3 2019

eCommerce Platform.

Q2 2019

Bitcrox™ Exchange, Final MultiDecentralized Data Storage, P2P, fully-functional Ecosystem.

Q1 2019

Bitcrox™ Exchange MVP

Q4 2018

Token Listing on exchanges after Main Sale, B2B Platform, Dynamic Biometrics™

Q3 2018

VivusPay™ eWallet Mobile App, Whitelist.

Q2 2018

Key Recovery Service Know Your Customer Service SEC Regulation D.

Q1 2018

Registration, Licenses, Patent MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network™, Whitepaper.