Rocket Technology


Start: 2018-08-22 | End: 2018-10-22

Papusha Rocket Technology operates in the world's first rocket and space technology, they produce oil from oil residue through transonic combustion technology. On a daily basis, refineries worldwide generate around 1.35 million tons of residues. Depending on its capacity, one PRT-2 unit processes 30 to 90 tons of waste per day. Evidently, the market requires dozens of thousands of PRT-2 units. Meanwhile, this technology has a wide range of applications, the main one is related to processing oil residues and producing liquid fuel (diesel, kerosene, and gasoline). Papusha uses Etherium as a blockchain platform and issues ERC-20 based Token (PRT). The main part of the project development is completed. A.I. Papusha registered a patent for its use. ​Mass adoption of this technology can globally affect the ecology of the planet, more importantly it requires support of the world community.


Yuri Grigoryev

Doctor of Technical Science

Mikhail Lemeshev

Doctor of Economics

Naviin Kapoor

Blockchain Expert

Anatolii Papusha

Project author and developer.

Igor Papusha


Valery Petrosyan

Doctor of Chemical Sciences.

Igor Klimov


Vladimir Davydenko


Maksim Mishchenko

Blockchain Enthusiast - Adviser

Andrey Lopato

CMO at BelHard

Petr Myachin

Founder at You and Me Capital


Hakaru Daiji

The idea of this platform is to give a solution to social and economic challenges, the environment factor and to reduce production costs. This platform is going to produce fuel/petroleum from the residues of oil, this way the resources do not get wasted and in fact earn much more than what it is valued. Papusha has identified a very attention-requiring and unique opportunity in the market. Almost every day refineries worldwide generate about 1.35 million tons of residues. Depending on its capacity, one PRT-2 unit processes 30-90 tons of wastes per day. Like most of other blockchain start ups, it also uses the Ethereum platform and issues the ERC-20 tokens (PRT). Papusha is trying provide solutions to the oil industry issues, for example, issues regarding pollution of the environment caused by oil refineries. According to research, this lead to the ecological disaster for the next 100 years. The platform enjoys certain advantages such as “Efficiency”: compact PRT units receive up to 60% of liquid fuel from the total processed mass. Overall, it has a less cost, the average cost of PRT installation is about $2 million and the payback period is just one year. Papusha is offering some really appealing incentives to different countries and companies to engage in this process.Team of Papusha consists of highly qualified members and experienced personnel that are more than capable of executing the idea very effectively.

Rated on 2018-09-04

ICO Milestones


Beginning of scientific calculations on processing oil products Tessting completed successfully, further development and improvement of the technology Testing the technology at the base stand in Dolgoprudny


Completion of calculations, systematization of the obtained results Preparing a business plan, searching for partner

Q1 2018

Forming a team, registration of technical documentation Developing a smart contract and a token economy

Q2 2018

Marketing campaign Carrying out a private sales round

Q3 2018

Papusha Rocket Technology ICO Introduction of the PRT token to exchanges Development of maintenance documentation

Q4 2018

Manufacture and purchase of necessary equipment and components Creating and configuring the first PRT-2-30 unit Certification, obtaining technical specifications for connection


Launch of mass production of PRT-2 units, first sales Development of modules for processing of brown coal Work on adapting and implementing a gas generator that provides cheap electricity for mining