The ICO That will Change Peru


Start: 2019-02-12 | End: 2019-04-12

PeruCoin is a project initiated by the company Bits2u, which aims to expand knowledge about cryptocurrencies in Peru and will allow achieving: To Provide knowledge about cryptocurrencies to the Peruvian public. Encourage the public to invest in cryptocurrencies. Create one of the biggest mining farms in Peru Teach based on guided visits to the mining farm how the mining machines work. PeruCoin's main objective in the short term is to complete the first phase of its Roadmap which includes the purchasing and acquisition of the factory which will later be converted into a mining farm. In addition, it aims to enhance and foster the widespread adoption of cryptocurrencies among the Peruvians. Through the Mining farm, it also aims to become the state-of-the-art generation crypto-mining platform leveraging the potentials blockchain technology. PeruCoin’s intent is to bring great financial returns for the investors. PeruCoin's vision is to promote the knowledge about cryptocurrencies to the Peruvian population through guided visits to a factory where they can appreciate the technicalities and operations of the mining machines in action and through conferences. It is using the blockchain technology based on Ethereum and has its own ERC-20 token (PRU).


Lesly Katerine Cisneros Regalado

Financial Manager

Fernando Barrueto

Co-Founder Bits2u-PeruCoin IT

Mario Solis Inga

Marketing manager


Albert Thomas

The idea of this project is very straightforward and very simple. Also, it has a clear direction what it is going to do. It is a nice initiative for the country itself. Surely there will be a lot of efforts required to completely execute the mission and vision of this project. The processes and the business model of this platform are pretty simple which fulfils the requirement. The features are same as any other cryptocurrency platform and they are good. It has an average team and is competent enough but they will still require more competent members.

Rated on 2018-11-29

ICO Milestones

Q2 2019

First Conference of PeruCoin.

Q1 2019

Inauguration of the factory and first guided tour

Q4 2018

Implementation of Factory Security.

Q3 2018

Purchase and Installation of Light meter.

Q3 2018

Purchase and Installation of Mining Machines.

Q3 2018

Factory Purchase.

Q2 2018

Sending invoices

Q2 2018

ICO Launch

Q1 2018

PeruCoin Development Starts.