Transforming Travel


Start: 2019-02-04 | End: 2019-02-17

‘Please’ Protocol brings decentralization to the masses using the xApp approach. The protocol allows service providers to publish their services on the Blockchain using smart contracts. The hybrid nature of the protocol makes the architecture very flexible, scalable and be used by other projects whether they are centralized, decentralized or hybrid. marketplace offers a fresh approach to book travels. Instead of spending hours browsing the internet to find a personalized trip, travellers can easily book, create and customize their trips across traditional, decentralized and sharing economies. Voice is gradually taking over our screens. Consumers are increasingly using their voice assistants at home and are looking for new ways to save time.’s bot is cross-platform and will guide travellers throughout their journey. ‘Please’ is a new generation travel platform that saves users time and money, and gives them more control and more customized experience, while simultaneously opening the travel industry to the sharing and decentralized economies. It will be using Ethereum as its Blockchain Platform and will be issuing ERC-20 token (PLS).



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ICO Milestones

Q4 2019

Marketing Campaign: "Expansion in key cities" One year after our initial launch, we will know a lot about our users. Our infrastructure and features will be optimized to attract a new massive influx of travelers, trip creators, and service providers.

Q3 2019

Production launch: "Decentralized services on 2nd blockchain" After optimising our infrastructure and developing our second set of smart contracts, we'll be ready to bring our second selected blockchain in our production environment.

April 2019

Production launch: "Decentralized services on Ethereum" After optimising and auditing our smart contracts, we'll be ready to launch our first decentralized features in a production environment. Auditor will be selected by a Please Assembly vote.

March 2019

Production launch: "Trips mobile app" We will launch our mobile app with an innovative UI to find and book trips quickly and easily on the go.

February 2019

Exchanges listing Following the end of our token sale, PLS will be listed on exchanges.

January 2019

ICO Our ICO acts as our first funding round to accomplish our vision to build and promote the first user-friendly travel platform to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized services.

December 2018

Online Advertising Campaigns We will have enough trips to start the online advertising campaigns to bring travelers on our platform just in time for the 1st summer booking rush happening just after christmas.

November 2018

PreICO The aim of the PreICO is to give us a head start to work on the decentralized parts of our platform, namely our Blockchain protocol.

November 2018

Production launch: & Our first production-ready products are our marketplace and our chatbot. We are now able to start gathering people to create many trips on our platform.

October 2018

Trip Creators feedback loop We have reached out to several trip creators (influencers, guide books, etc.) and have already incorporated a lot of their feedback in our product.

Sep 2018

Partners Outreach We have reached a development stage that allows us to start reaching out to partners. We already got some good feedback and are undergoing partnership discussions.

Jun 2018

MVP Release Production development starts The beta version was working as expected and we started migrating towards a more robust and scalable architecture. We decided to focus on the centralized part of our xApp and push the decentralized part to after our ICO.

March 2018

MVP development starts After the PoT was complete, we started developing our MVP with a much nicer UI, the objective was to demonstrate searching trips and services through voice and deploying services as smart contracts.

December 2017

Hybrid platform pivot Following the cryptokitties impact on Ethereum, we decided not to rely completely on the Blockchain and steer development towards an even more hybrid architecture.

September 2017

PoT Development starts The objective was to find and test different technical solutions (Proof of Technology).

August 2017

Initial idea The perfect melting pot: The travel industry is too fragmented, blockchain applications are rising, people are looking for more authentic travel experiences.