Poseidon Foundation

Optimizing Impact


Start: 2018-11-03 | End: 2018-12-09

Poseidon is a not-for-profit foundation that empowers people to save the planet with every purchase through its breakthrough platform. The platform provides a vital new tool for retailers to shift behaviours and integrate real climate action into every retail transaction at the point-of-sale. Using the blockchain technology based on Ethereum, Poseidon empowers all of us to address the carbon impact of our lifestyle choices to track and share the positive impact of our transactions on individual projects with its peers. The vision is to create a platform that integrates carbon credits into everyday life, enabling the seamless and transparent accountability for carbon footprints as part of every purchase it makes. Poseidon first focus is on retail integration, attaching carbon credits to everyday purchases because it believes this can lead to the biggest change in the way carbon credits are used. With a simple and accessible method of purchasing carbon credits in place, each and every one of users will be able to support crucial land-based emission reduction projects that protect forests and national parks in some of the world’s most endangered areas, supporting local economies that will have a lasting positive impact on our planet. It uses Stellar as its blockchain platform.


Chris Porter

Software Development Management

Rene Velasquez

Carbon Markets Expert

Jessica Verhagen

Carbon Trading Expert

David Webb

Foundation Administrator

Kristin Rechberger

Founder And CEO

Peter McCullagh

Founder And Managing Partner

Anthony Hobley

Chief Executive Officer

Justin Mundy

Former Director

Laszlo Giricz

Founder And CEO

Cesare Tagliaferri


Chidi Akutu


Ian Briggs

Research And Development

Alexander Gnauck


Michael Cutler

Lead Developer

Brad Yasar

Business Strategy

David Parejo

Business Development Manager

Abyel Mehari

Community Manager

Willie Thompson

Communication Manager


Amelia Benjamin

It is a good environment friendly and social project which makes so much sense. The CSR element is clearly visible in it. From ICO point of view it might be a little weak because there is not much to offer by them for the investors. It has a great team, the team members are equally experienced and specialized. Also, they can do wonders in the industry. The roadmap of this platform is good enough and also the numbers are good. There is still improvement needed in the Hard Cap and Soft Cap numbers. The token distribution model should be revised.

Rated on 2018-11-16

ICO Milestones

2020 - Q2

• Annual Poseidon Conference in Liverpool • Poseidon Platform Functionality Release v3 • Onboarding of additional Clients in North America • Research and Development results announced

2020 - Q1

• Climate Impact Product Catalog v3 Release • Poseidon Mobile App v4 Release • Onboarding of additional Clients in Asia • Poseidon Presence at World Economic Forum in Davos

2019 - Q4

• Poseidon Platform Functionality Release v2 • Onboarding of first Clients in North America • Top contributors invited to forest conservation project • Research and Development roadmap announced

2019 - Q3

• Full Poseidon Platform Launch • Climate Impact Product Catalog v2 Release • Poseidon Mobile App v3 Release • Onboarding of first Clients in Asia

2019 - Q2

• Launch of Annual Poseidon Conference in Liverpool • Final Round of Fundraiser • Voluntary Donations capability released • Opening of Global Poseidon Offices

2019 - Q1

• Climate Impact Product Catalog v1 Release • Poseidon Mobile App v2 Release • Onboarding of additional Clients in Europe • Opening of Poseidon Headquarters in Liverpool

2018 - Q4

• Second Public Round of Fundraiser • Participation in Blockchain conferences in Asia and Europe • Onboarding of second Corporate Client • Onboarding of second Government Client

2018 - Q3

• First Government Client signed up • Participation in European Blockchain conferences • Business Summit in Liverpool, England • Poseidon Mobile App v1 Release

2018 - Q2

• Poseidon Foundation established in Malta • Pilot Platform launches with first Retail Client • 1-year Fundraiser launches with first Public Round • First Corporate Client signed up

2018 - Q1

• Malta chosen as new base • Legal framework finalized • Discussions with prospective clients • First pilot design completed

2017 - Q4

• Details of platform designed • Key advisors join Poseidon team • Architecture reviewed with Stellar • Regulatory challenges in Switzerland

2017 - Q3

• Stellar chosen as blockchain platform • Strategic Partners agreements formalized • Switzerland chosen as base • Poseidon Foundation announced to public

2017 - Q2

• Poseidon Concept born • Blockchain selected as technology platform • Partnerships being conceptualized • Legal partner with blockchain experience signed